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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

SEMANA 55!!!

Hola todos!  

So, wow, this last week was crazy! (haha) First of all, to start off the week, I got super sick... (haha) Last Monday, I woke up with a horrible sore throat, chills, and a fever. I knew it was STREP! So much for going my whole mission without getting sick. (haha) So, we had leadership council that morning which is like, si o si, we have to be there, so I went and suffered through that, BUT that´s not really important, (ha) I just thought I´d let you all in on the fact that in Paraguay you don´t have to go to the doctor and get a prescription! (haha) It was the funniest thing, I diagnosed myself and we walked down to the pharmacy and bought Amoxicillin, and it was super cheap! I got on the antibiotic and was fine by Wednesday morning... So that was fun!  

Other than that the week was pretty rough, 'cause I was sick and had to stay in Monday and Tuesday, 'cause we didn't want to give everyone strep and all... When stuff like that happens it really kills the area. We spent most of this last week trying to find our investigators and failing. It was a good time. Also, Pablo´s had a bad relapse with his WoW problem, like so bad he´s going to go to a clinic for addicts on Thursday. Right now he´s just kind of waiting in limbo which is pretty crazy, and scary cause he could just go out and get drunk whenever he wants 'cause he´s no longer working. We've been pretty worried and stressed. On Saturday, I found a great quote about the atonement and grace of God. It basically says that with the help of the Savior we can overcome all of the challenges we have in life. Ahh, I wish I had it with me!! I forgot...anyways, it´s great. We decided to write it on a note card and slipped it under Pablo y Wanilda´s door before we left. We did that and then left... We then had this horrible day, we got rejected, and literally no one opened their doors for us. We taught one menos activo.  Seriously, one of the hardest days I´ve had in a long time. We were so sad and upset about it, and having a lot of negative thoughts about our day and our week in general. We got home and were sharing with Pablo and Wanilda, they asked us about our day, and we were just like ¨It was horrible nobody wants anything to do with us...¨ They both looked at us and then Pablo goes, ¨You know what Hermanas, your day wasn't a waste, it wasn't horrible.  That note you gave me today¨gave me the strength to  keep from leaving and going and getting drunk. So don´t say you had a bad day, you did what God wanted you to.¨ Talk about a humbling moment for the both of us. I wanted to cry I felt so loved and felt the spirit so strong. It was a testimony to me that this is the Lord´s work and we are here to do it in the way that he wants. We just have to be obedient and put our trust in him, and know that when we are doing that it doesn't matter how our day went. It was a day in God´s service, so it was a success.  

I love the mission, and I love being a missionary. It´s the hardest and most rewarding thing I've ever done. I've found that it´s in the hard times that I grow and learn the most. Funny how God works like that! It would be great if you all could be praying for the area, we really could use all the help we could get. Thank you all for your support and prayers, I do feel them every day! I love you all so much! Have a great week!  

Hermana Austin

SEMANA 54!!!

Hola todos!

So, first off, if you've been reading my emails at all, you know we had changes last week! (haha) Ccrazy thing is, I'm still here in San Lorenzo with Hermana Ball!!! (haha) It´s been so crazy! This is our third change together, which hardly ever happens and it also means I am going to be here in San Lorenzo for the next 6 weeks! (haha) It's gonna be the best! We´re like best friends, so no problems there!  

Let´s see, that´s about all from this week... (haha) It was pretty uneventful! It was actually really great, because we didn't have intercambios! (haha) We actually got to exercise in the mornings which was great! We've been leaving in the morning and playing bball for our half hour of exersise! (haha) It´s been so great to get out and run around! We never really get to exersise 'cause we always are traveling early in the morning, but its cool we just took advantage of our week ¨off. (haha) If you could call it that!  

But yeah things are going good. (haha) We´re just working really really hard. Thank you all for all your support and prayers, I feel them every day! Love you all, and have a great week!  

Hermana Austin

SEMANA 53!!!

Wow this week was crazy! (haha) It was pretty normal. We did a few exchanges, some studies with the hermanas, and worked in our area! (haha) Cool fun fact about this last week, we have been told that we had a rule change and can now drink Coke! (haha) I can´t tell you all how happy I was! I drank my first Coke in a YEAR last week!! (haha) It was so GOOD!  

Anyways, but yeah, this last week was great! We found SO many people this last week! And, are seeing so many miracles! One of the biggest has been an eight year old kid named Angel! He came to church last week with  a member, so Hermana Ball went and found his house in divisions. He lives with his grandma, and come to find out she wanted him to go to church so that he could be a better kid, BUT she said he can´t get baptized because he was already baptized in the Catholic church. So, anyways, he came to church yesterday and we went back in the night to visit him and his grandma. Weirdly enough, we start teaching and the abuela´s like, ¨He can get baptized if he wants.¨ We were just like, ¨WHAT?¨ (haha) Angel told us he wants to get baptized on September 11th! WHOOH!! (haha) He´s such a cute kid, and we´re hopin we can help the rest of his family eventually too! Pray for him.

Also, I got the chance to do intercambios this last week with Hermana McDougal. It was super fun to see her and work together for a day! She´s doing great! (hahaha) Funny story about this division, after lunch we had plans to pass by for a convert for her birthday... I kid you not, this lady has like 20 Cats! (haha) It was the most DISGUSTING house ever... Think cat hair and cat shivivi (diarrhea) everywhere, and TONS of dirty dishes. We walk in and Hermana McDougal had a couple of birthday presents for her. One was cat food, and the other was cake... (haha) This lady was so so so HAPPY to get cat food for her birthday... She says thanks and then she´s like, ¨I have something for you guys too.¨ She walked over to her fridge and pulled out LUNCH... It was the nastiest looking stuff I've ever seen, half cooked chicken with over cooked noodles... I looked at Hermana McDougal and her face is white. She turned to me and said in English, ¨NO Hermana! I swore I would never eat here again!¨ That´s when I really got nervous... So we sit down and start eating... (haha) When the Hermana left the room we decided it was not healthy to eat the half cooked chicken so we stuffed it in a plastic bag and hid it with our stuff... We slowly but surely started eatin the nooodles. (haha) Mind you, we´re eating this meal with like 20 cats and they´re jumping all over this Hermana to get her food! About half way through my meal one of the Cats jumped on ME!!! (haha) It was so crazy!! These cats were insane! Bueno, I´d like to say that I had the stomach to finish my meal but I really didn´t... I ended up giving some of my food to the cats and Hermana McDougal helped me finish... It was definitely a crazy mission experience to say the least...

Little update on Pablo ý Wanilda! They are doing SO GOOD!! (haha) It´s been so great. They moved into our appt building! Sometimes at night they bring us food and stuff! It´s the best! Also, Pablo got a promotion in his job which has been such a blessing!! The Lord truly is helping them so much! They´re the best!

Anyways, yeah... (haha) That´s about all that´s happened this last week! It was a good one! I love you guys, thank you all for your prayers! Also, ps, we have transfers again this week and there´s a chance I´ll be leaving San Lorenzo... Sad day. I love it here with Hermana Ball... But yeah, that´s all! Hope you all have a great week!  

Hermana Austin

SEMANA 52!!!

¡Hola Todos!

So, wow, this week was really crazy! On Tuesday at our District Meeting, the Zone Leaders notified us that we were in charge of the musical number at our big conference we had Friday with half the mission and the Area Seventy President... The elders were all just like, "It´s fine, we´ll just throw something together.¨ (haha) So we practiced a little on Tuesday and Wednesday... Let me just say they were both horrible practices, partially because we didn't have anyone to play the piano... (haha) We had planned to sing Army of Helaman, and it was just turning out horribly. So on Thursday, Hermana Ball and I were studying and we were just like, ¨We can´t look like fools in front of half the mission!¨ So we started brainstorming and came up with a really great arrangement. We called the ZL´s and told them we had an idea, they were down! (haha) So then we called an elder in the office that could help us with the Piano. We organized a practice later that day and got the song REALLY good! Needless to say, it was a success! Everyone loved our singing! (haha) Whod´ve thought I´d be organizing a musical number here in the mish...  

The Conference was also REALLY great! Our Area Seventy came and talked to us, President Gonzalez. He was great. He and his wife even had a meeting after set apart just for the Hermanas! They answered our questions and basically gave us a pep talk. There was also a leaders meeting afterwards and the whole focus was how we as leaders can teach and motivate the missionaries to do the things we learned! It was great! Then, after, he said he just wanted to talk to us four Hermana Lideres. He asked us to really explain what we do to help the hermanas and then asked what the church could do to make the whole program of Hermana Leaders better. It was really cool! We gave a few suggestions and then he left and told us he was really grateful for our work, and that we were doing a good job.  

Let´s see, as far as the area goes, things are going good! (haha) We had an entire family in church Sunday!! It was the best! They´re a reference from a member, and they´re great! SUPER CATHOLIC though. But, we´ll see what happens, we had a really great family night with them on Monday. We also had a really great spiritual lesson with Norma and Pablo y Wanilda! We invited Norma to be baptized! (haha) It was super spiritual! Really, she was so great. She explained that she has her religion and doesn't want to change. We invited her to pray, and she said she would, but she didn't really have the desire to change. Then Pablo started bearing his testimony. He told his entire story, and said he knows that if Norma prays the same thing will happen to her. He just kept saying she had to try it. It was so spiritual and so great! She committed to pray and read in the BoM. She´s been sick all weekend, so we haven´t been able to pass by, but I´m sure she´ll get an answer if she keeps the commitment.

Also, little side note, we had a BAPTISM!!!! Whooh!! (haha) Lucas Dominguez got baptized on Saturday. He´s the son of a Convert family here in San Lorenzo. His mom and dad have been members for a while! He´s great! (haha) It was seriously the cutest baptism ever! It had been way to long!  

But yeah, that´s about it! It was a great week full of work and lots of meetings! Thanks for all of your prayers and support! Love you guys!

Hermana Austin

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

SEMANA 51!!!


Wow... This last week was absolutely INSANE!! (haha) I spent so much time on a Bus traveling from city to city. We planned to do three divisions with the Hermanas this last week (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday), then on Friday afternoon while in a division with a Hermana, I got a call from President asking if we could do emergency divisions with a set of Hermanas that are sick, the next day!! AHH!! Hermana Ball wasn't even with me, so we had to go back to the area where Hermana Ball was at, and end divisions early... All in all, I spent about four hours in a bus on Friday, if that gives you a little idea how crazy the week was!!! (hahaha) It was so FUN though! Me and Hermana Ball just have a blast on trips! (haha) I bought a scary mask this last week and we've been scaring all of the Hermanas when they open their apartment door! (hahaha...) They think we´re crazy, but it´s fine! Our job is to really help them be excited and learn to love the mission and we figure doing crazy fun things like that make the mission fun!  

The thing about this last week was I really realized that the Lord calls us to do all of these hard tasks and then literally provides the way we accomplish them! 1 Nephi 3:7 I don´t think I got a full nights sleep at all last week, but miraculously the Lord blessed me with the energy I needed to keep going, and keep helping the Hermanas! Even cooler, is He really blesses us in our area! We found so many great people this last week, and saw SO many miracles! The biggest one happened on Saturday. (haha) We had finished divisions for the week, and were together for the first time since Tuesday! PARTY! (hahaha) We decided at about 7:30 to pass by and see Pablo and Wanilda. When we got there, they weren't there, but Pablo´s mom was! -Little side note about Norma--She´s very very very catholic... BUT, we've been taking baby steps. About 3 weeks ago, we gave her a Book of Mormon, and last week we finally got her to come in and listen to us sing and pray at the end of the lesson, but that´s the most progress we've had with her since meeting Pablo--Miraculously, Saturday night, we got the chance to teach her! We taught about the restoration, and she committed to pray about Joseph Smith, and she told us that she had been reading! We finished, and invited her to church...It was perfect, 'cause Pablo was going to talk in sacrament meeting the next day! She was like, ¨We´ll see¨...It´s been hard getting her to church, 'cause she goes to the Catholic church EVERY STINKING SUNDAY!! (haha) BUT, we left and prayed all that night that she would come!! (haha) So then, the next morning, we got to church and were chatting with the members when I look up and in waltzes Pablo and Wanilda, grinning from ear to ear with Norma right behind them!!!! We both nearly started crying! Norma´s SO GREAT!! She´s basically already a member, she just doesn't know it yet! (haha) She´s like my abuela here in San Lorenzo!! Pablo gave a beautiful talk and Norma was crying, she felt the spirit so strongly! We have plans to pass by tomorrow and see how her prayer went! She´s AMAZING and this is the most progress we've had with her for a long time! PRAY FOR HER!!!  

(haha) So, yeah! Lots more stuff happened, but I don´t have time to write it all!! I love you all, thank you all for your prayers! Have an Awesome week, ROHAYHU!!

Hermana Austin

SEMANA 50!!!

Hola todos!

Wow, what a great week! (haha) I guess I´ll start things off with the biggest news! (haha) I went back to Costa Bonita to do divisions last week! It was such a great experience! So, yeah, I went back with Hermana Guy, who´s great and got the chance to help her in the area. We saw so many miracles, found so many new people, and I got to see a few of my converts. I could rave and rave about the day I had but the best part was we went and visited the Familia Flor in the night. When I got there the two youngest boys and the younger daughter Pamela met us outside the house they were so happy to see me! (haha) I then went into the house and saw Hermana Flor. She was so suprised to see me, I gave her a hug and then started asking her how she´s doing. I just started tearing up abruptly as it hit me how much I really missed her! It was so great to see her. We headed outside and started sharing with her and the youngest three kids when the abuela (grandma) came out that only speaks Guarani. (haha) She also gave me a hug, and I couldn't really understand what she was saying, but I could tell she remembered me and was really happy to see me! Then Paula showed up! Oh man, I love Paula! (haha) Other than Hermana Cheney, she was the first friend I made here in Paraguay! She was SO happy to see me. We all sat down together and then we started sharing. We sang Las Familia Puedan Ser Eternas and then prayed and we started to share with them. After about five minutes, Paula goes, ¨Hey look, Ruben and Dad are home from work.¨ I whipped around and saw them both. They came over and we started sharing with the entire family! Without even wanting to, I just choked up all of a sudden looking at all of them... I love them so much and they were the same great family they were when I left! They´re having a few challenges as a family, but we talked about enduring to the end, and I think it helped. More than anything, I left with an assurance that God has a plan for them, and I know without a doubt they´ll make it to the temple as a family someday.

So yeah, that was Costa Bonita! It was a day I really needed! Pablo is doing a lot better. He and Wanilda came to church yesterday and the bishop´s really hands on with helping him! It´s been great to see the bishop helping them so much.

We also might have seen a miracle! (haha) So on Saturday night, we were kind of out of things to do at 7:45, and we were trying to think of someone we could visit. All of a sudden a name popped into my head, Ivanna. She´s a reference from some members, is younger, and owns a bar with her family... Good news is this bar sells pizza! (haha) It was on the other end of our area, but we went anyways. We were a little bummed when we got there, 'cause she wasn't there, but ordered pizza without really realizing what time it was. It was like 815... at 8.40 we still didn't have our pizza. (haha) I was starting to get stressed cause A: It´s not most productive thing to be eating pizza on a Saturday night, and B: We have to be home at nine. That´s a rule. (haha) So, we got our pizza at like 8.45 and started wolfing the thing down as fast as we could. At 8:57, we were finished and went to the counter to pay, accepting the fact that Ivanna wasn't gonna come. As we were paying she came around the corner and we got the chance to meet her! She invited us to sit down and share! (haha) Cool rule about missionary work, if you're teaching a lesson you can be home at 9:30. So we sat down and started sharing! She really opened up to us and is SO great!!! (haha) We have plans to start working with her! We didn't have that much time to teach her, but it was totally the hand of God that led us to teaching and meeting her! (haha) If we wouldn't have ordered that pizza and been late, we wouldn't have met her! MIRACLE

Anyways, that´s about all I've got this week! I love you guys! Thank you so much for all of your prayers, I feel them every day! Have a great week!  

Hermana Austin

Thursday, September 10, 2015

SEMANA 49!!!

Hola todos!  

Wow, this week was really crazy! So wow, I don´t know where to even begin... This week was kinda rough. (haha) We had the same old same old, intercambios, studies with the Hermanas, and prosyliting, but we found out Pablo's been having some problems with the Palabra de Sabiduria. (Word of Wisdom) We found out he has a bit of a drinking problem... So that´s been fun. (haha) It´s actually been kind of a nightmare. We got a call from his wife, Wanilda, Saturday night and passed by, and she told us he didn't even come home the night before, and that his mom was ready to kick them out of the house... It was a pretty stressful situation, we told her she needed to come to church the next morning and talk to the Bishop. So she did. The bishop's been great. He´s helping them so much. The church is going to rent an apartment for them. Miracle! We had a lesson with Pablo on Sunday, and just told him we´re here to support him and help him stop drinking. It was so hard... but he´s so great. Just looking at him I could tell he was broken, and that the only thing that could fix him is the Atonement. I kept having flashbacks to working with Hermano Flor. Then atonement is an amazing thing. We can literally change our entire nature if we use it in our lives. We explained that to Pablo and offered our support. I know he´s going to get better! These things just take time, but with the atonement anything is possible. He really has the desire to make things right, and that´s what counts! We´re praying really really hard for him and his family.  

But yeah, that´s about all that happened this week. It was kinda a rough week! (haha) But I know it´s only up from here! I´m working hard, and I really feel like we´re doing God´s will in this area. Hermana Ball and I are meant to be here helping Pablo get through this. I know this is God´s work and that he has a plan for all of his children. We just have to have confidence in that plan and keep pushing and using the Atonement in our lives to become the people that our Heavenly father wants us to become. I know without a doubt that anything is possible with Christ. I love this gospel and I love the mission, the ups and the downs. Because I know God´s molding me into the person that he needs me to become. It´s a once in a lifetime experience, and I love it! I love you all. Thank you so much for your support and prayers, I feel them every day! Have a great week!

Hermana Austin
Moroni 10:32-33

SEMANA 48!!!


So, this last week was great!!! (haha) We had transfers, BUT, luckily I´m still here in San Lorenzo with Hermana Ball!! (haha) It´s gonna be the greatest!! She´s the best, and we´re best friends!! We also had Leadership Council (Basically a meeting with President, the APs, Lideres de Zona, and us) and I got to see Hermana Bennett!! (haha) She´s the best, and we also learned a LOT from President and what he wants for the mission!! (haha) Things are going to change, but they're going to change for the better! Best part is, we were talking to the other Hermana Lideres that are here in the city and they were telling us they have 12 companionships of Hermanas they have to take care of! We only have seven... soo... we told them we would take a few of their areas. And guess what area they gave us? COSTA BONITA 1.2!!!!!! (hahaha) I´m so stoked!!!! This means that I´m gonna get the chance to go back to my first area and help the Hermanas there... And, that I get to see my CONVERTS!!!! I´m so EXCITED to go back there, it´s been my dream ever since I became a Hermana Lider... (haha) It´s gonna be so great!!  

Also, we have this guy named Juan José, and he hasn't been progressing, so we decided it was time to drop him. We had made the decision that if he doesn't contact us, we weren't going to go back. Well, as it turns out, he called us on Thursday and was like ¨Hermanas, I wanna meet with you guys!¨ (haha) So we were stoked and set up an appointment for Saturday night! Saturday rolled around and he didn't show. We called after, and he said he had been working, but that he was going to come to church on Sunday. We got to church and he didn't show... Paraguayos are the worst sometimes! (haha) So I was pretty bummed, thinking we were going to have to drop him again! BUT, after Relief Society, we were out in the hall, and I turn around and Juan came walking out of the reunion sacramental!! He was with the other ward!!! He came to church!!! (haha) I´m so stoked!! We haven't had someone progressing like this for a LONG time and he´s showing a lot of interest!!! Pray for the guy so that he can get an answer and get baptized!!  

We also found a FAMILY this last week. Their names are Paco and Raquel and they´re the best!! Things are still really early with them, but we´re praying for the best!! They were a reference from a member and they really have a lot of interest!!!

But yeah, that´s about all that happened this last week!! Pablo´s doing well still... He´s had a few struggles this last week, but that´s normal! I love it here! The mission´s so great, such an adventure! Love you all, thanks for your support!! Have a great week!

Hermana Austin

SEMANA 47!!!


(haha) This week was so great! We ALMOST had a baptism! There´s an old investigator in our area named Gretel! We havn't been visiting her because she can´t come to church 'cause she plays rugby on Sundays... BUT I had been feeling like we should pass by and talk to her for a LONG time! Finally, we put her in our plans on Tuesday. We passed by and she told us she had really missed us and that she had basically been reading her Book of Mormon the entire time! She was already in 2 Nephi. (haha) So, we were just chatting, and we started teaching her and decided to read 2 Nephi 31... We read the entire chapter with her and after she gave us a five minute summary of what it says! She then was like ¨Quiero bautizarme pero...¨  (I want to be baptized but...) She still had this Rugby problem... BUT then she was like, ¨But I can come to church this weekend.¨ We then told her if she can come to church this weekend she can get baptized this last Saturday. She was super stoked but then told us she wasn't sure and that she would pray about it! The next time we passed by she told us she didn't feel ready... GAH!! We now have another doubter... She wants to be baptized, but she´s just scared she won´t live up to her covenants. We tried everything, but it didn't work out... It´s fine. She´s gonna get baptized someday! (haha) I just have to be patient.

We also found a really great lady named Mirian and her daughter Tania! They´re amazing. We contacted Tania on Monday and stuck her with a baptismal date! (haha) Then she was like, ¨Can you guys come back tomorrow and talk to my mom?¨ We were like ¨Sure¨ (haha) We pass by the next day and they let us in and her mom is CATHOLIC! She was this super super ornery old lady! (haha) She did not want hardly anything to do with us... BUT the Espiritu Santo (spirit) is the best! Somehow, he took over the lesson and she then told us that she would at least pray about baptism. We passed by again on Saturday and taught the restoration, and she was really attentive and respectful and more that anything INTERESTED! (haha) We left her with a Book of Mormon, and she said she would read, and told us that she for sure wanted to come to church on Sunday! We passed by the next morning to take them to church and she comes out and gives us a piece of crap Paraguayo excuse... (haha) We weren't about to take no for an answer though, and we were a little more persuasive and she ended up coming with Tania! THEY HAD A GREAT TIME!!!! Mirian told us she for sure wants to come back!!! And the best part is, she accepted a BAPTISMAL DATE after church!!! Holler!! (haha) It was so great!! Only sad thing is they might have moved today! (haha) We can´t catch a break here, but we´re praying for a miracle, and I know even if we never see them again it was all in God´s plan. They´re for sure gonna get baptized some day!! They´re the BEST!!!

FUNNY STORY!! Sooo... I don´t know if you've all noticed, but my hair has been REALLY long in all my pictures... (haha) I hadn´t cut it for a YEAR!!! It was SO nasty! (haha) Good news is there´s a member in our ward that cuts hair! BUT (haha) Hermana Ball wanted to cut it for me!! So we borrowed the scissors from this member and Hermana Ball cut my hair!! Hahaha Hermana Ball has NEVER cut hair before... (haha) I have a couple of GREAT videos of us debating the best way to cut hair. It´s a shame I can´t send em... You´ll see them all in six months, but it was a really stressful situation! It was a party though! And it actually turned out really GREAT!!! It was a great mission adventure!

ANYWAYS! That´s what happened here last week! (haha) It was a good one! We´re working SO hard and seeing miracles! Pablo BLESSED THE SACRAMENT last week! Life´s good, and I love the mish! Have an amazing week! Thanks for all your prayers! Love you all!

Hermana Austin

SEMANA 46!!!

Hola todos!!

Wow, this week was great! And super crazy!! So wow, first of all, Pablo is the greatest! It´s kinda sad cause he only has time to share with us on Sundays, but he´s the most fiel (faithful)  convert. (haha) So, we get to church on Sunday and we were kinda a little worried about them 'cause they weren´t there, but we sat down and the meeting started. The first counselor then proceeded to say that there were two men that were ready to receive the Aaronic Priesthood, and one of them was Pablo!! We were so happy, but so nervous 'cause they said he was gonna receive it after the meeting and he wasn't even THERE!! (haha) But, then after the sacrament they both showed up and it was great! He got the priesthood after church and was so happy and excited! Wanilda basically cried! It was so great! We went and shared with them after church and they were all ready for us! (haha) They had fought over who could use the oven because they both wanted to cook different things for us! It was so funny! (haha) They ended up taking turns and we had Chipa Wassu and some REALLY great cookie things from Brazil. They were so great, and we had a really great lesson! At the end, Pablo was just like, ¨I know we all were friends in the pre-mortal world, and that you guys were sent to help us.¨ We both basically just started crying... It was so great! OH!! (haha) And they also told us why they were late!! (haha) They were just late getting ready in the morning and then their bus was late! The crazy thing was they both said they ALMOST just walked back home when they were waiting for the bus...but then Pablo explained that he knows Satan just didn't want them to come to church because he was gonna receive the Priesthood and there was also a really mushy talk about eternal marriage that really hit them hard! It was so great, and a miracle that they came and can see the blessings... They're the best!

There was also a menos activo familia (less active family) that came to church on Sunday. They´re great too!! The craziest thing was we passed by their house after, and were sharing with the mom and she gave us a reference!! But the reference is one of our investigators that we ALMOST dropped!! (haha) She explained this lady that we´re teaching named Graciela wants her son Pedro to come to church with us and every thing!! It was so CRAZY because we had basically made the decision to stop passing by to talk to them... I guess God has a different plan, 'cause we took that as a sign and are gonna see what happens with them!

We also had interviews with President Wilson on Friday and that was the best! He just said everything I needed to hear! He helped me a lot with understanding how he wants us to help the Hermanas and what we can do to help our area! He´s really big on getting families to the temple, and that´s great! Reactivating and retaining members, he really has an amazing vision for our entire mission and I´m so stoked to see how it all works out. 

(haha) So anyways, that was our week! I am having a great time!! (haha) Oh... we have these three investigators. We call them "The Three Doubters."  (hah) Their biggest problem is they just don´t feel READY to be baptized, but what they don´t understand is they ARE ready!! (haha) They all just need a kick in the butt from God, and they´ll get baptized... (haha) It would be great if you could remember them in your prayers. They´re names are Juan José, Pilar, and Ivan. Also, I´m open to suggestions on how to help 'em! (haha) How do you help someone realize they've already received an answer that the church is true? (haha) They´re all great! Solo me dan dolor de cabeza a veces... (Just gives me a headache sometimes...) 

I love you all, thank you for all of your prayers. I feel them every day! I´m just working my butt off and loving the mish... (haha) Things are good! Have an AWESOME week!

Love Hermana Austin

SEMANA 45!!!

Hola todos!!

Wow, what a crazy week!! We worked so HARD this week! (haha) It was crazy! First of all, I don´t think I mentioned this, but we have a new Mission President!! His name´s President Wilson, and he´s great! We had a big meeting last week and I got to see Hermana Cheney and Hermana Bennett!!! (haha) It was so good to see them both, they´re both doing great! It´s so crazy, Hermana Cheney´s going home in like two weeks... I can´t even believe it. The time goes by so fast!! But yeah, President was great. He and his wife are actually converts, and he really talked about the importance of helping our converts stay active in the church. I loved it. He basically told us we need to do every thing we can to help the converts in every area stay active. He´s amazing. We have interviews this week, so I´ll let you all know how that goes!

Oh my gosh! (haha) The other crazy thing that happened last week is el Papa came to town... (The Pope) Paraguay was crazy!! He came on Thursday and was here til yesterday... (haha) It was so crazy. The streets were like deserted ghost towns, and the Paraguayos were so into it. They had like a great big parade for him and were just adoring him every where he went! (haha) He visited Caacupe, (It´s like the big Catholic city in Paraguay) Poor Hermana Cheney and Hermana Bennett had to leave their Area for 5 days because it was so crazy dangerous! (haha) It was kinda good for us though because all of the non-Catholics were home all weekend!! (haha) We found some really great people.

We´re really working our guts off! (haha) I love working hard in the mission. It´s amazing to really see the fruits of the work we´re doing. Pablo and Wanilda are doing great and it makes me so happy. He´s for sure going to be a bishop someday or something! (haha) It´s so great. We don´t have many converts here in San Lorenzo, but the converts we do have are amazing!

Anyways life´s great! We´re always working really hard! Thank you all for your support and prayers! I love you all!

Hermana Austin

SEMANA 44!!!

Hola Todos!

Wow, what a crazy week! We are working so hard! We found a really great guy last week named Juan José! He´s an old investigator. We found his name in our area book.  I was in divisions on Wednesday in our area and we had plans to look for him, BUT typical Paraguay...the address on his registro was horrible, and we couldn´t find his house. Luckily there was a phone number! (haha) So I call and he didn't answer. Finally, I decided to give up and look for somebody else. We went and did a contact and were sharing and while we were in the lesson, the phone rang! (haha) It was him. He called us back! Paraguayos never call back!! (haha) We wrapped up the lesson and as soon as we finished I called him again and he told us he wanted to meet with us that very night!! We had an activity in the church so we invited him, and he came!! We didn't get the chance to share with him, but we made an appointment for Friday. I was in intercambios again. (It´s the worst cause Hermana Ball wasn't with us! Sometimes I just wanna teach with my companion...) Anyways, I was with another Hermana and we taught the restoration, and it turns out Juan just has a doubt about whether or not he can and should be baptized again cause he got baptized in the iglesia catolica! We talked a lot about priesthood and the importance of having the authority from God. We invited him to pray and he said he would. Okay, fast forward to last night... (haha) We met with him again and it was great because I was with Hermana Ball! He told us he had prayed but he didn't feel like he´s gotten an answer yet. We talked about how we can receive answers to our prayers and told him he needs to ACT to receive an answer! We talked a lot about the importance of the BoM and told him to receive his answer. He should be reading it every day, and should be coming to church! He´s great, the thing I love about it is he really has the desires to KNOW, and I know without a doubt when he recognizes his answer he´s gonna get baptized!  

Let´s see...oh, I don´t know if I've told you guys, but my Companion´s amazing! Really though, I am learning so much from Hermana Ball and her example! (haha) More than that though we´re best friends. She´s the best! We went to visit a Menos Activo Saturday night at like 7, and it was FREEZING COLD!!! (haha) I don´t think I've said anything about the weather, but it's SO COLD right now!!! (haha) Anyways, this Menos Activo´s a little old lady and is really poor, like REALLY poor. Oh, and she´s also missing a leg, so she´s confined to a wheelchair all the time. So we pass by and it was completely dark in her house because she doesn't have any light or anything. We clapped anyways, and she hollered ¨Who´s there?¨ We told her it was us and passed the gate, and walked up to her window. She was already in bed. We started talking to her and we could tell she was freezing cold. All of a sudden Hermana Ball goes, ¨Hermana can we bring you a blanket?¨ And the Hermana was like, ¨oh i dunno it´s pretty cold...¨ Hermana Ball told her we´d be back with a blanket... (haha) We walk off and Hermana Ball´s like ¨We HAVE to find her a blanket.¨ The problem was, we didn't HAVE a blanket to give her, or a whole lot of time to look for one. I´m not gonna lie, I was a little annoyed... (haha) I dunno, I was more worried about passing by our investigators so they would come to church. Sometimes I get so caught up in the work of being a missionary and forget we´re here to help and serve these people... Anyways, we stopped and thought for a while on how we were gonna get this blanket and decided to pass by a members house and ask if they could spare a blanket. They gave it to us without asking hardly any questions, and we were back in the Menos Activos house in twenty minutes. She was so grateful for our help and we could tell was gonna feel so much warmer. I remember just wanting to cry. This little old lady lives alone, and can hardly take care of herself. The blanket was such a small thing, but it meant a lot to her. We passed by the next day and she told us she was toasty warm the night before! I learned a lot from that experience, but more than anything I learned that we should ALWAYS go the extra mile and be willing to serve people. Hermana Ball was right.

Anyways, so much stuff happened last week, but that´s all the time that I have right now! I sure do love you all! Hope you have an amazing week! Thanks for all of your support! 

Love, Hermana Austin

SEMANA 43!!!

Hola Todos!!

Wow, this week was great!!! So first of all, we had a BAPTISM last week!!! Pablo got baptized on Saturday and it was AMAZING!!! (haha) I haven´t taught someone so prepared my entire mission! He just GETS it!! He understands that baptism is just the beginning. It was so neat, he bore his testimony after his baptism and said that he´s just starting out on this journey, and he´s excited to see where it takes him! I just love them both. It´s been a true miracle working with him and seeing that God really does prepare these people! As missionaries, we are just the instruments that help them learn about the Gospel. The Lord knows which people are prepared and he sends them to us, we just have to leave every day with a lot of faith and watch the miracles unfold!  

(haha) So, funny story!! I don´t know if any of you know this but the Copa America is going on down here in South America! (Just a great big Soccer Tourney) It´s been CRAZY!!! Like March Madness for South America! Anyways, Paraguay played against Brazil on Saturday before Pablo´s baptism and we got to the church a little early with Pablo y Wanilda! (haha) All of the young adults from institute were watching the end of the game in the church on the big screen! It was super intense because Paraguay and Brazil were shooting penalty kicks to see who wins...(The most retarded way to end a game...but soccer´s like that...) Anyways, Paraguay took their shots and made like 4 out of 5 or something like that... The ENTIRE room was freaking out! After it was Brazils turn, (hahaha) Wanilda is from Brazil so she was wanting them to win! Brazil made their first penalty kick, and Wanilda started to jump up and down yelling ¨GOAL¨ (HAHAHA) The ENTIRE room turned and looked at her like she was NUTS!!! We were dying it was so funny!! (haha) In the end Paraguay WON!!! That like NEVER happens!! (haha) Sucks for you dad! (haha) They were like the underdogs in this tournament and now they're in the semifinals! Anyways, it was a really funny experience... I just love Pablo y Wanilda, they're the best!  

I have another funny story this week! (haha) So, we were sitting in sacrament meeting. After we took the sacrament, and the first counselor got up to say who was going to give the talks... ¨First we are going to hear a talk from Hermana Austin, followed by...¨ (HAHAHAHA) I had NO IDEA that I was going to talk in church... I looked at Hermana Ball in shock and she whispered, ¨There´s not another Hermana Austin here right?¨ I shook my head as the first counselor finished, grabbed my Book of Mormon and started walking up to the pulpit, my head reeling trying to think of what I could say... All of a sudden Moroni 10:32-33 popped into my head and I knew EXACTLY what I needed to say! THANK YOU ESPIRITU SANTO!! (haha) But really, I read the scripture and talked about the grace of God, and the Atonement. To say I killed it would be an understatement!! I LOVE speaking in church!! And that was quite the challenge! It turned out really well! The best part, is I know it wasn't me! The scripture was a direct prompting from the Holy Ghost, and everything I said after was material that I had been studying these last few weeks... (haha) I feel like I prepared for that talk without really even knowing it! Fue super purete!

Let´s see, our area is progressing a ton! I´m super excited we found a family this last week!!! Miguel y Patricia! Miguel is a member already, but Patricia isn't!! They´re great they have a new baby and she´s so CUTE!! (haha) They didn't come to church yesterday, but si o si next week!! They´re THE cutest family!!

Umm, that´s about all that happened this last week. We had divisions again, but what´s new? (haha) The Hermanas are getting along better now so that´s great!! (haha) Life´s good! I sure do love the mission! Thank you all for your prayers and support!! Have an awesome week!!!

Hermana Austin

SEMANA 42!!!

Hola Todos!

Wow, what a crazy week!! (haha) Really though, this week was the best! (haha) So, first of all, we had Cambios this last Wednesday! I have a new comp! Her name's Hermana Ball, and she´s AWESOME!!! (hahaha) We get along SO well!! We're already REALLY good friends! She´s crazy, and we are always laughing... always! We just have a good time together, it's the best! (haha) Cambios are so crazy!! Hermana Bennett left her Hija in the middle of her training to be a Hermana Lider!! (haha) And, it gets better, she´s in Caacupe with Hermana Cheney!! Va a matar su abuela!! (hahaha!) But really, she's super young in the mission to be a Hermana Lider. Needless to say, I'm super proud of my Hija... (hahaha)

Okay on to more important things...  PABLO!!! Wow he's AMAZING!! So prepared! We passed by to visit him Thursday morning, and sat down to share with him and Wanilda. When we taught him the Restoration, we challenged him to pray to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. So we sat down and started talking and I asked him how his prayer went. He looked at me and said, "Oh yeah I have to tell you something..." He then proceeded to tell us that he and Wanilda prayed together on Sunday night to know if the things we were teaching him were true. They went to bed and the next morning he was just wondering how God was going to answer his prayer. Wanilda left for work and he stayed in the house. As he was getting ready to leave he saw her Book of Mormon in Portuguese on the coffee table and decided to open it. He opened to Alma 5:38! "El buen pastor os llama..." You will have to look it up, but it's a super powerful verse saying that the Good Shepherd is calling, and we all need to listen to the call! He then told us that that was his answer! He's AMAZING!! He and Wanilda came to church alone yesterday and we gave him a picture of the Temple for fathers day cause he doesn't have kids! He almost cried he was so happy and then told us that their goal as a family is to get sealed in the Temple!!! WOW!!! I was so happy! He's really SO prepared!!! He's going to get baptized this Saturday! It's been a miracle. I'm so grateful that the Lord has blessed me with the opportunity to get to know him and Wanilda and help him come to know the truth. I love them both so much! The mission is amazing. The end. 

The rest of this week has been literally nuts! Ahh! One of the other sister missionaries in our ward sprained her ankle and can't leave to prosylite! We have had to do divisions with them these last few days so they can keep their area alive while she recuperates! One of us stays in the appt with her while the other leaves with her comp to work in both areas. (hahaha) Let's just say I don't enjoy hanging out in the appt all day! I had to stay in yesterday and I was so BORED!!! (haha) It really helped me see how much of a blessing it is that I can work every day! Sometimes as a missionary we get lazy and think that it would be easier to stay in the house and relax! (We never do of course) (haha) But I realized this week that it's NOT fun at all!!! We are here to do the Lord's work and the only time we're truly happy is when we are out working!! Hopefully this Sister gets feeling better soon because I can't stay in the appt many more days!!!  

(haha) Other than that, it's been an AMAZING week!!! I sure do love the mission!! Thank you all for your support and prayers I love and miss you all!!! Have an awesome week back home!!

Hermana Austin

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

SEMANA 41!!!

Hola Todos!!

Wow, this week was crazy!! (haha) I don´t even know where to begin! First of all, Alejandrina didn't get baptized... (haha) It wasn't her time, but she's preparing for this Saturday! (haha) We realized that it´s REALLY hard to find her in her house cause she works a TON!! She still needs a few lessons and needs to prepare a little more, but si o si este Sabado! (maybe Saturday) She's awesome and really wants to change her life and be baptized!! It's for sure going to happen!!

Ahh, we also saw a PURE MIRACLE yesterday!! (haha) so we woke up yesterday morning and it was POURING RAIN!!! (haha) Really, that's like the worst possible thing to see on a Sunday morning... We had a bunch of people lined up to come to church, but when it rains like that, the Paraguayos are super lazy and don't leave their house for basically anything! (haha) So, we got ready and headed to church. I was just praying all morning that somebody would show. We got to church and there weren't very many members there and no investigators. We sat down and the meeting started. (haha) One of the first things you do as a missionary in sacrament meeting is double, or triple check for new people, and yesterday as I was triple checking. I noticed a couple seated a few rows in front of us that I didn't know! (haha) I got super excited, and whispered to Hermana Brown, "Do you know them?" She said, "No"... (haha) We spent the rest of the meeting quietly debating whether they were less-actives, old investigators, or just happened to be here for a visit! (haha) When people show up at church like this, it's a little complicated because they have to live in our area, si o si, or we can´t teach them, and have to pass the reference. There's also a chance that they live in the area of the other missionaries, which also means we can't teach them. (haha) It´s all the Lord´s work, and it doesn't really matter, but yeah, I wanted them to live in our area. (haha) So these are the thoughts that were running through my head during the Meeting. It finally ended and we got to go talk to them! Their names are Pablo y Wanilda, and it turns out they recently got married and moved to San Lorenzo!!! Wanilda is from Brasil and is an active member in the Church! (haha) Her son recently got a mission call to serve in Argentina!! Pablo isn't a member... yet! (haha) He´s a GOLDEN INVESTIGATOR!!! He said he wasn't really interested in the church but has seen a few church movies (The Other Side of Heaven and 17 Miracles) and felt something different and wants to learn more about the church! He's super interested! (haha) We set up an appointment to pass by after church and had an AMAZING lesson! We taught him the restoration and talked a lot about the pioneers because he had a few questions about 17 Miracles. It was awesome! (haha) They even gave us refreshments! He accepted a baptismal date for the 27th of June! Wow! Yesterday was an amazing day. (haha) This area hasn't had much progress for a long time and to see a miracle like this was a huge testimony builder for me that the Lord is always watching over us and He always has a plan. We just have to be patient and put our trust in Him and it all works out in the end!  

(haha) So yeah! That´s about all that happened this last week! (haha) Oh yeah! I had Intercambios with Hermana Hidalgo, and that was way fun!! (haha) She´s finishing her mission this Wednesday! It was super fun to work with her for a day! She´s awesome. The end. (haha) But yeah, this last week was great! I love the mission and the opportunity I have to be here in Paraguay helping these people change their lives! Thank you all for your support!  Have an awesome week. Love you all!  

Hermana Austin

SEMANA 40!!!

Hola Todos!

Wow this week was great!! (haha) We saw so many MIRACLES and found a ton of great people!!! I don't remember if I told you all this or not, but the limits in our area changed last week, and we now have a new part of our area. Needless to say, we have been working a LOT in this new part of our area! We finally found a really big miracle on Saturday! (haha) We were looking for an old Investigator in this new part of our area named Alejandrina, her daughter got baptized recently, but she hasn't been baptized todavia (still) because she was living with her boyfriend, but now he moved out! We finally found her house and knocked on her door and she let us in.  We shared and talked about the importance of baptism, and keeping the sabbath, because her duda (problem) is that she doesn't come to church on Sunday cause she works Monday-Saturday and sleeps in on Sundays! WOW... The spirit totally took over and it was an awesome lesson. She started out telling us that God understands her situation and that she needs to sleep on Sundays, but by the time we finished she accepted a baptismal date and said she'd be coming to church this Sunday! MILAGROS!!! We need to teach her some lessons still, but she´s gonna get baptized this SATURDAY!!! AHH!!! POR FIN!!! (haha) It's been a while... Ahh, I´m just praying that we can teach her the rest of the lessons she needs and help her prepare so that everything works out for this Saturday!  

We also found a kid named Ardo! He's nine years old and his entire family are members... (haha) This kid is great! We passed by on Tuesday and shared with him and his sisters. We invited him to be baptized and he was like ¨Si, quiero bautizarme¨ (Yes, I want to get baptizes) MILAGRO!! Only problem is his stupid sister... She's 13 and goes to a different church (Centro Familiar de Adoration...)  She started in saying he´s not old enough, he doesn't understand, and that we can´t obligate him to be baptized... blah blah blah... We listened to her and then told Ardo that we don´t want to obligate anyone, but if he wants to be baptized we´ll help him. He turned to us and said that YES he wants to be baptized!!! AHH!!! The kid is great!!! (haha) The only thing we need now is permission from his mom, which might be a little tough 'cause she´s a lot like his sister. But, I have faith that it´s all gonna work out! Si o si va a bautizar!! 

Let´s see we also had intercambios again, and I was with my old comp Hna McDougal!! (haha) That was a party, and she´s changed a ton! It was so cool to work together again! We also taught another zone conference which was fun! (haha) It was really a great week! That's about all I've got for today! I love you guys, thanks a ton for all of your support!! Have an awesome week!

Hermana Austin

SEMANA 39!!!

Hola Todos!!

Whoa!! This week was absolutely NUTS!! So, we had intercambios again this week in Guarambare and Itá! It was crazy... (haha) The hermanas there have been having problems with their companionship, so we had to go fix things! We did these intercambios from Wednesday to Saturday, I stayed in the area of the hermanas while Hermana Brown worked here in San Lorenzo... (haha) It was so weird to not be in my Area!!! And, I feel like a guidance counselor... (haha) We played Dr. Phil and talked with the hermanas, the four of us together!! (haha) But it's fine. We worked everything out, todo tranquilo! (all good)

Let´s see... As far as our area goes, I can't tell you much! (haha) I don´t feel like I've been here! Hermana Brown found a ton of milagros (miracles) and a ton of great people, we just have to help them progress and come to church now! (haha) We're seeing so many miracles! We found another family, and we're working with them now as well! Their names are Hector and Olga, and they have 2 hijos! (children) We're working on helping them come to church next week so that they can get BAPTIZED!!! We are finding so many new people and are seeing so many miracles!  

We also had leadership council this morning which was the BEST!!! It's a meeting with us, the other hermana lideres, zone lideres, the AP´s and Presidente!!! It was so cool to receive direction right from Presidente! Oh! And I talked with the zone leaders from Ita Enramada and they told me that Teofido was BAPTIZED this last Saturday!! He's Ruth's dad, and he was progressing a ful (lot) when I left!!! Ahhh, can't even tell you how happy I was to hear that!!  

Anyways, it was a crazy week, but still a good one! (haha) Everything's going great, and our Area's progressing a ton!!! Love you all, have an awesome semana!! (week)

Hermana Austin

SEMANA 38!!!


Wow what a crazy week! (haha) This week was GREAT!!! So first of all, we found someone literally AMAZING this week! His name's Jesus, and he's AWESOME! (haha) (Funny that his name's Jesus right?) Anyways, he's a reference from a member, and we met him at church with the Sanchez family (members) yesterday!!! (haha) It was the best! He came to church in a suit and tie all by himself, literally looked like a member, he already had a Libro de Mormòn and everything!! (haha) The best part was we were in Sunday school talking about repentance and the teacher said something like "After we've repented from all of our sins we need to be baptized..." Then she was like "Jesus you haven't been baptized yet right?" (hahaha) Then he goes "No, I'm going to get baptized tomorrow." (haha) Hermana Brown and I were so confused! After, he was talking to Brother Sanchez, and he was like "What do I have to do to be baptized?" Brother Sanchez called us over and we put him with a fecha (date) for the 13 de junio!!! (13th of June) (hahaha) This guy is literally a miracle!! He said he's been looking for the true church and found it and is ready to get baptized!!! (haha) It's experiences like these that make the mission the BEST experience EVER!!! MIRACLES!!!!

Let's see, we also found a FAMILY!!!! Wahooo!!!! I love families! (haha) But I contacted the Dad (Jorge) during divisions on Friday, and he accepted a baptism date and then asked us to pass by the next day to share with his wife! We passed by on Saturday and his wife is literally AWESOME!!!! She's named Pablina and literally has a TON of faith!! She was telling us all sorts of miracles she's seen in her life and that she has so much faith in Christ! We were just like yeah!! We talked with her about the church and testified and then invited her to be baptized and she looked at us and goes, "Siento algo diferente.  Me voy a su iglesia, voy a leer, y voy a bautizarme!!!" That's, "I feel something different. I'm going to your church, I'm going to read, and I'm going to get baptized!" HOLLER!!! (haha) They couldn't come to church yesterday because they had already made plans to travel, but she told us si o si, next week she's coming and going to start preparing!! MIRACLES!!!

So yeah! This week was great! We're finally seeing progress in our area and are working REALLY hard! On top of everything else we had intercambios twice and studied again on Saturday! (haha) My life's crazy but I love being a missionary!!! Life's good! I love you all have an amazing week!! Thanks for all your support!!

Love, Hermana Austin

SEMANA 37!!!

Hola Todos!

Wow, what a great week! (haha) Let´s just say my new calling's nuts! (haha) I feel like I get like half as much sleep as I used to... Okay, that´s probably an exaggeration, but it's definitely work! I don't remember ever being so exhausted... This week was great though, 'cause on Tuesday we went to the TEMPLE!!! Holler!! But really, it was the best to just go and relax for a day in the Temple, and it was exactly what I needed! On Wednesday we had a capacitaciòn de zona, (zone training) and we had to help the zone leaders set it all up and teach the other missionaries the material and stuff, so that was fun... Actually, I love public speaking! (haha) We talked about mission stuff, but it was fun to be in charge... Let´s see, Thursday was a normal day por suerte! (luckily) 

(haha) But on Friday and Saturday we had studies with some of the Hermanas. On Friday we woke up like at 5:45 to travel to Ita, which is like a solid hour from San Lorenzo... Let's just say I was TIRED that entire day! But, it was good, the Hermanas there were having some issues with their companionship that we had to help with... What happens is we get there and I study with one Hermana and Hermana Brown studies with the other. Basically, we have to make sure their doing okay and help them with any problems they´re having. (haha) I feel like a Guidance Counselor! It's been cool though, 'cause just like when I'm teaching an investigator, I always seem to know what to say to help! I mean obviously it's not me, it's the Spirit, but it's been really cool to see that I'm really here to help the Hermanas, and that God's gonna help me know exactly what they need! It's fun. I love working with the Hermanas!

Let's see, as far as our area goes, we are looking for new people a ful!! (haha) But si o si vamos a encontrarles! (We'll see if we can find them!) We did find a really neat family last week!!! Antonio y Mabel!!! They're awesome and accepted a baptismal date and everything!!! They are a younger couple, and they have a baby boy, that's SO CUTE!! They only need to understand a little bit more and si o si se van a bautizar!!! (They can be baptized) They're SO awesome! (haha) We were teaching them and Antonio goes "We're Catholic, but I don't believe a lot of the stuff the Catholics believe, like the Saints and Virgin Mary. And also gay marriage. The Pope made gay marriage legal, that can't be from God!" (HAHAHAHA) It was the BEST!!! Let's just say that I am NOT a fan of the Catholic church, and it's awesome to hear that people can see that it's not the true church! But, Antonio y Mabel they're AWESOME!!!

So yeah, that's pretty much what happened this week! It was a good week! I love you all, thanks for your support!!  Have an awesome week!

Hermana Austin

SEMANA 36!!!

Hey everyone! 

Alright, so this week I don't have hardly any time, but I got transferred to San Lorenzo which is ciudadite! (haha) But, that's okay! I´m actually really enjoying it! My new comp is Hermana Brown and shes been here in the mission for 8 months! Shes awesome! But yeah, our area's pretty dead right now, but that's okay! Si o si vamos a encontrar milagros y bautizar! (If or when we see miracles and baptisms!) But yeah, I don't have time this week cause of Mother's Day. I'll write more next week! Love you all, have an awesome week!

Hermana Austin