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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Semana 66!!!

Wow, this last week was so great! (haha) So, to start things off, on Monday night Cesar got baptized!!! It was such a great day! (haha) Funny thing is we went like two hours before to fill the font up, and it got about two feet full, and STOPPED!! No water... (haha) We were so nervous, but Cesar showed up and he was like, "Igual Hermanas, voy a bautizarme hoy." (haha) He had to lay down completely to go all the way under, but it turned out good! He's so great. He came to church yesterday for his confirmacion and was in a white shirt and tie. He cut his hair and shaved. He looks like a completely new man! His baptism was a little crazy, but still the best! All the members are really excited and saying he's gonna be a leader in the Church! 

Let´s see! (haha) Oh yeah, so on Wednesday we had cambios and it was crazy 'cause Hermana Guardado and I didn't think we'd have them, but SUPRISE we did!!! (haha) Crazy! It was sad 'cause Hermana Guardado and I get along great and she really wanted to stay but yeah, so we went to the Terminal and I see Hna Ball and she's the greatest that's all... (haha) She was with another Hermana from my last district, Hermana Nielsen, waiting to see who Hna Nielsen's comp was... Firstly, Hermana Nielsen's so great! (haha) I was in her training when I was a Hna Líder and I got to do intercambios and studies with her a few times, so I knew her pretty well. So anyways, I was there talking with them and then an elder walked up and handed me a paper of my group. (I guess I was in charge of my group, haha) It had all of the companionships on it, I looked at it and immediately found my name it said, Hermana Austin (Sr) Hermana Nielsen (Jr)!!!! (haaha) I screamed and ran to Hna Nielsen and gave her a big hug! (hahaha) She was shocked! It was the best! We're already such good friends! It's been great! Crazy thing, is that was my last transfer before I go home... That's kinda been weird. (haha) Hna Nielsen's gonna kill me!  

Let's see, things have been kinda crazy this week 'cause there was a HUGE storm on Thursday night... We didn't have light until Friday night, and water until this morning! (haha) We didn't shower from Friday to Sunday... Finally, yesterday, I told Hna Nielsen I'd had it and we went to a members house and showered in water from their well... (haha) Good times! It's been really interesting 'cause like no one in the entire city's had water all week! We've just been camping, it's been great! So, if you could all pray our water starts working that'd be great. It's been kinda a pain. Also fun fact, tomorrow's el Día de la Virgen de Caacupe!!! (haha) It's a big holiday for all the Catholics. We're not gonna be leaving our house for the next few days. But it's cool, I love the culture here. It's a whole different world...it's crazy!

Other than that, things have been good. We had a family of less actives in church and that was great! When they came through the doors the Hermana said "Look Hna we made it, and we're gonna do all we can to come every week after this!" I was so happy, I wanted to cry! We've been working with them ever since I got here and finally this last week it clicked! They also have two daughters that are eight and nine that aren't baptized... So be praying they keep going strong so that we can help their daughters get baptized, and more importantly, get the entire family to the TEMPLE!!!!  

Anyways, that's about it! Life's good. I love the mission! Hope you all have a great week, thanks for all of your prayers!

Hermana Austin

"And now abideth faith, hope, charity, but the greatest of these is charity." 1Corintios13:13

Also if you have time go read Uchtdorf's talk from the Women's session last conference...  That's what inspired the Ponderize Scripture this week!!!

SEMANA 65!!!

blue chevron "look unto me in every thought doubt not fear not. D& C 6:36 subway art:

Hola Todos!

Wow, so where to begin? This last week was CRAZY! (haha) It was so fun! Oh first things first... Remember Cesar? Well, he had his interview last Monday, AND he kinda forgot he can´t drink Coffee! (haha) He doesn't drink it on a normal basis, but it just so happens last Sunday his mom had made him a cup of coffee for breakfast! He drank without realizing... (haha) SO his baptism was postponed until tonight! Satan´s the worst.... But IGUAL NO MAS! He's still getting baptized, and thanks to that little experience he´s never gonna forget the Word of Wisdom! He's literally the greatest! He's so excited for his baptism tonight. Don´t worry, I´ll be sure to send you all a picture next week! 

Let´s see... Oh, Wednesday was the BEST! We had intercambios with the Hermana Lideres and I got to do an Intercambio with Hermana Bennett!! Wow! It was so fun to do an intercambio with my hija! We have both changed so so so much! We had a good time together. We bought some ice cream and some asaditos, and just worked our guts off!  

(hahaha) Two funny stories this week... So on Thursday, we were out in one of the more country parts of our area where there aren't very many people and all of a sudden I had to pee... (haha) We went to two less actives and they weren't home. I was pretty desperate. My companion was like, ¨Nobody´s around, just go behind that bush.¨ I thought about it and decided, ¨Why not?¨ (haha) So I popped a squat and went! (haha) Don´t remember the last time I did that.... I was probably hunting with Dad or Grandpa two years ago... But, hey! The mission´s always an adventure! (hahaha) The best part is the next day the EXACT SAME THING HAPPENED!! We were in the exact same spot and I had to go to the bathroom again... Luckily, (at least that´s what I thought) this time the less actives were home. (haha) We showed up and I asked to go to the restroom and the Hermana was like, ¨Sure, but it´s not your common bathroom...¨ I told her it was fine! Thinking nothing  could be worse than squatting in the woods, (haha) I was wrong! Their bathroom was a hole in the ground... There were two poles on both sides so you could brace yourself and squat... (haha) It was crazy, and a fun little adventure!  

Sorry... on a more spiritual note, remember those converts we found last week? They came to church again and their mom, Nilda is progressing poco a poco! She´s the greatest really! Her only problem is her husband! He´s a little duro, but that´s okay. We´re praying for miracles!  

Anyways, yeah, life´s good! (haha) Yesterday I had PIKE!  Which is like a teeny worm that buries itself into the skin on your foot and lays eggs and stuff! BUT, no worries the members have lived with that all their lives. They took it out and I´m good now! (haha) I love the mission, so many adventures! Love you guys thanks for your prayers have a great week!

Hermana Austin

DYC 6:36  ¨Look unto me in every thought, doubt not, fear not¨