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Thursday, July 24, 2014

What A Week!


Wow what a week!  It feels like it has flown by but Ive learned more and my testimony grew so much!  My companions are both great!  Im in a trio and im the senior companion!  their names are hermana thorne and hermana coleman.  hermana thorne is a singer and we dont really relate much to anything but the gospel she has a strong testimony though which is really all thats important.  Eliza would like her a lot I think!  HERMANA COLEMAN PLAYS BASKETBALL!!!!!!   Its super awesome because we creme the elders every day in physical activity!  aside from one elder Im the best one there!  I didnt realize how good I am at bball after watching some of the elders try!  anyways its way fun and one of my very favorite parts of every day!  

For our lessons we have these things called CREs.  Bassically they give us pretend investigators (our teachers) and have us teach them... IN SPANISH!  Its so so so hard!  but I always am able to say what I want to in this broken up spanish that barely makes sense.  I talk like Aisley.  Its really funny sometimes actually.  Our investigator this week is named Esteban his wife is a member and he wants to learn about the church.  We taught him about prayer and what hes stuck on is he doesnt think god answers his prayers.  we teach him again tomorrow and were going to try to teach him how to feel the Spirit, or different ways he can feel the Spirit.  We are getting the impression that the Lords trying to answer his problems but he doesnt know how to recognize these answers.  its hard to say in Spanish!  If we were teaching him with english Im pretty sure wed already have him baptized!  Anyways its actually really fun to learn this way, ive picked up more spanish than all 2 years of junior high.  Heavenly Fathers helping me a lot!  One thing I can do pretty well now is pray in spanish.  its really cool because like i said they are super simple i pray like a little kid, probably comparable to lillie and willis.  

Im out of time but this week was great and the food is AMAZING!!!!  Could someone tell uncle Kevin thanks for his gifts!  I use them so much the vocab sheets have been HUGE!!!!!  Were making copies for my entire district to use!  and I use the highlight pen ALL THE TIME!!!  anyways tell him thanks and that Id love to hear from him!  I love you guys all so much have a good week ill email again next Thursday!

Much Love, Hermana Austin

PS for kevin and Johnny I had a Bon o Bon last week and it was AMAZING!!!!  one of the best chocolate treats ever!  And im sorry for bad grammar my keyboard is a spanish keyboard and i dont have time to figure it out!

Friday, July 18, 2014

She Made It!!!

Family!  Made it to the MTC safely and with all of my stuff!  Don´t worry I'm doing just fine.  Everyone here is super nice!  I don't have much time today but I´ll email again next Thursday which is our P-day.  Write before then!  I love you guys and I´ll email you again soon. 

Love, Hermana Austin

Goodbyes are HARD!!!

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