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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

SEMANA 40!!!

Hola Todos!

Wow this week was great!! (haha) We saw so many MIRACLES and found a ton of great people!!! I don't remember if I told you all this or not, but the limits in our area changed last week, and we now have a new part of our area. Needless to say, we have been working a LOT in this new part of our area! We finally found a really big miracle on Saturday! (haha) We were looking for an old Investigator in this new part of our area named Alejandrina, her daughter got baptized recently, but she hasn't been baptized todavia (still) because she was living with her boyfriend, but now he moved out! We finally found her house and knocked on her door and she let us in.  We shared and talked about the importance of baptism, and keeping the sabbath, because her duda (problem) is that she doesn't come to church on Sunday cause she works Monday-Saturday and sleeps in on Sundays! WOW... The spirit totally took over and it was an awesome lesson. She started out telling us that God understands her situation and that she needs to sleep on Sundays, but by the time we finished she accepted a baptismal date and said she'd be coming to church this Sunday! MILAGROS!!! We need to teach her some lessons still, but she´s gonna get baptized this SATURDAY!!! AHH!!! POR FIN!!! (haha) It's been a while... Ahh, I´m just praying that we can teach her the rest of the lessons she needs and help her prepare so that everything works out for this Saturday!  

We also found a kid named Ardo! He's nine years old and his entire family are members... (haha) This kid is great! We passed by on Tuesday and shared with him and his sisters. We invited him to be baptized and he was like ¨Si, quiero bautizarme¨ (Yes, I want to get baptizes) MILAGRO!! Only problem is his stupid sister... She's 13 and goes to a different church (Centro Familiar de Adoration...)  She started in saying he´s not old enough, he doesn't understand, and that we can´t obligate him to be baptized... blah blah blah... We listened to her and then told Ardo that we don´t want to obligate anyone, but if he wants to be baptized we´ll help him. He turned to us and said that YES he wants to be baptized!!! AHH!!! The kid is great!!! (haha) The only thing we need now is permission from his mom, which might be a little tough 'cause she´s a lot like his sister. But, I have faith that it´s all gonna work out! Si o si va a bautizar!! 

Let´s see we also had intercambios again, and I was with my old comp Hna McDougal!! (haha) That was a party, and she´s changed a ton! It was so cool to work together again! We also taught another zone conference which was fun! (haha) It was really a great week! That's about all I've got for today! I love you guys, thanks a ton for all of your support!! Have an awesome week!

Hermana Austin

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