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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

SEMANA 39!!!

Hola Todos!!

Whoa!! This week was absolutely NUTS!! So, we had intercambios again this week in Guarambare and Itá! It was crazy... (haha) The hermanas there have been having problems with their companionship, so we had to go fix things! We did these intercambios from Wednesday to Saturday, I stayed in the area of the hermanas while Hermana Brown worked here in San Lorenzo... (haha) It was so weird to not be in my Area!!! And, I feel like a guidance counselor... (haha) We played Dr. Phil and talked with the hermanas, the four of us together!! (haha) But it's fine. We worked everything out, todo tranquilo! (all good)

Let´s see... As far as our area goes, I can't tell you much! (haha) I don´t feel like I've been here! Hermana Brown found a ton of milagros (miracles) and a ton of great people, we just have to help them progress and come to church now! (haha) We're seeing so many miracles! We found another family, and we're working with them now as well! Their names are Hector and Olga, and they have 2 hijos! (children) We're working on helping them come to church next week so that they can get BAPTIZED!!! We are finding so many new people and are seeing so many miracles!  

We also had leadership council this morning which was the BEST!!! It's a meeting with us, the other hermana lideres, zone lideres, the AP´s and Presidente!!! It was so cool to receive direction right from Presidente! Oh! And I talked with the zone leaders from Ita Enramada and they told me that Teofido was BAPTIZED this last Saturday!! He's Ruth's dad, and he was progressing a ful (lot) when I left!!! Ahhh, can't even tell you how happy I was to hear that!!  

Anyways, it was a crazy week, but still a good one! (haha) Everything's going great, and our Area's progressing a ton!!! Love you all, have an awesome semana!! (week)

Hermana Austin

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