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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

SEMANA 38!!!


Wow what a crazy week! (haha) This week was GREAT!!! So first of all, we found someone literally AMAZING this week! His name's Jesus, and he's AWESOME! (haha) (Funny that his name's Jesus right?) Anyways, he's a reference from a member, and we met him at church with the Sanchez family (members) yesterday!!! (haha) It was the best! He came to church in a suit and tie all by himself, literally looked like a member, he already had a Libro de Mormòn and everything!! (haha) The best part was we were in Sunday school talking about repentance and the teacher said something like "After we've repented from all of our sins we need to be baptized..." Then she was like "Jesus you haven't been baptized yet right?" (hahaha) Then he goes "No, I'm going to get baptized tomorrow." (haha) Hermana Brown and I were so confused! After, he was talking to Brother Sanchez, and he was like "What do I have to do to be baptized?" Brother Sanchez called us over and we put him with a fecha (date) for the 13 de junio!!! (13th of June) (hahaha) This guy is literally a miracle!! He said he's been looking for the true church and found it and is ready to get baptized!!! (haha) It's experiences like these that make the mission the BEST experience EVER!!! MIRACLES!!!!

Let's see, we also found a FAMILY!!!! Wahooo!!!! I love families! (haha) But I contacted the Dad (Jorge) during divisions on Friday, and he accepted a baptism date and then asked us to pass by the next day to share with his wife! We passed by on Saturday and his wife is literally AWESOME!!!! She's named Pablina and literally has a TON of faith!! She was telling us all sorts of miracles she's seen in her life and that she has so much faith in Christ! We were just like yeah!! We talked with her about the church and testified and then invited her to be baptized and she looked at us and goes, "Siento algo diferente.  Me voy a su iglesia, voy a leer, y voy a bautizarme!!!" That's, "I feel something different. I'm going to your church, I'm going to read, and I'm going to get baptized!" HOLLER!!! (haha) They couldn't come to church yesterday because they had already made plans to travel, but she told us si o si, next week she's coming and going to start preparing!! MIRACLES!!!

So yeah! This week was great! We're finally seeing progress in our area and are working REALLY hard! On top of everything else we had intercambios twice and studied again on Saturday! (haha) My life's crazy but I love being a missionary!!! Life's good! I love you all have an amazing week!! Thanks for all your support!!

Love, Hermana Austin

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