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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

SEMANA 37!!!

Hola Todos!

Wow, what a great week! (haha) Let´s just say my new calling's nuts! (haha) I feel like I get like half as much sleep as I used to... Okay, that´s probably an exaggeration, but it's definitely work! I don't remember ever being so exhausted... This week was great though, 'cause on Tuesday we went to the TEMPLE!!! Holler!! But really, it was the best to just go and relax for a day in the Temple, and it was exactly what I needed! On Wednesday we had a capacitaciòn de zona, (zone training) and we had to help the zone leaders set it all up and teach the other missionaries the material and stuff, so that was fun... Actually, I love public speaking! (haha) We talked about mission stuff, but it was fun to be in charge... Let´s see, Thursday was a normal day por suerte! (luckily) 

(haha) But on Friday and Saturday we had studies with some of the Hermanas. On Friday we woke up like at 5:45 to travel to Ita, which is like a solid hour from San Lorenzo... Let's just say I was TIRED that entire day! But, it was good, the Hermanas there were having some issues with their companionship that we had to help with... What happens is we get there and I study with one Hermana and Hermana Brown studies with the other. Basically, we have to make sure their doing okay and help them with any problems they´re having. (haha) I feel like a Guidance Counselor! It's been cool though, 'cause just like when I'm teaching an investigator, I always seem to know what to say to help! I mean obviously it's not me, it's the Spirit, but it's been really cool to see that I'm really here to help the Hermanas, and that God's gonna help me know exactly what they need! It's fun. I love working with the Hermanas!

Let's see, as far as our area goes, we are looking for new people a ful!! (haha) But si o si vamos a encontrarles! (We'll see if we can find them!) We did find a really neat family last week!!! Antonio y Mabel!!! They're awesome and accepted a baptismal date and everything!!! They are a younger couple, and they have a baby boy, that's SO CUTE!! They only need to understand a little bit more and si o si se van a bautizar!!! (They can be baptized) They're SO awesome! (haha) We were teaching them and Antonio goes "We're Catholic, but I don't believe a lot of the stuff the Catholics believe, like the Saints and Virgin Mary. And also gay marriage. The Pope made gay marriage legal, that can't be from God!" (HAHAHAHA) It was the BEST!!! Let's just say that I am NOT a fan of the Catholic church, and it's awesome to hear that people can see that it's not the true church! But, Antonio y Mabel they're AWESOME!!!

So yeah, that's pretty much what happened this week! It was a good week! I love you all, thanks for your support!!  Have an awesome week!

Hermana Austin

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