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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

SEMANA 41!!!

Hola Todos!!

Wow, this week was crazy!! (haha) I don´t even know where to begin! First of all, Alejandrina didn't get baptized... (haha) It wasn't her time, but she's preparing for this Saturday! (haha) We realized that it´s REALLY hard to find her in her house cause she works a TON!! She still needs a few lessons and needs to prepare a little more, but si o si este Sabado! (maybe Saturday) She's awesome and really wants to change her life and be baptized!! It's for sure going to happen!!

Ahh, we also saw a PURE MIRACLE yesterday!! (haha) so we woke up yesterday morning and it was POURING RAIN!!! (haha) Really, that's like the worst possible thing to see on a Sunday morning... We had a bunch of people lined up to come to church, but when it rains like that, the Paraguayos are super lazy and don't leave their house for basically anything! (haha) So, we got ready and headed to church. I was just praying all morning that somebody would show. We got to church and there weren't very many members there and no investigators. We sat down and the meeting started. (haha) One of the first things you do as a missionary in sacrament meeting is double, or triple check for new people, and yesterday as I was triple checking. I noticed a couple seated a few rows in front of us that I didn't know! (haha) I got super excited, and whispered to Hermana Brown, "Do you know them?" She said, "No"... (haha) We spent the rest of the meeting quietly debating whether they were less-actives, old investigators, or just happened to be here for a visit! (haha) When people show up at church like this, it's a little complicated because they have to live in our area, si o si, or we can´t teach them, and have to pass the reference. There's also a chance that they live in the area of the other missionaries, which also means we can't teach them. (haha) It´s all the Lord´s work, and it doesn't really matter, but yeah, I wanted them to live in our area. (haha) So these are the thoughts that were running through my head during the Meeting. It finally ended and we got to go talk to them! Their names are Pablo y Wanilda, and it turns out they recently got married and moved to San Lorenzo!!! Wanilda is from Brasil and is an active member in the Church! (haha) Her son recently got a mission call to serve in Argentina!! Pablo isn't a member... yet! (haha) He´s a GOLDEN INVESTIGATOR!!! He said he wasn't really interested in the church but has seen a few church movies (The Other Side of Heaven and 17 Miracles) and felt something different and wants to learn more about the church! He's super interested! (haha) We set up an appointment to pass by after church and had an AMAZING lesson! We taught him the restoration and talked a lot about the pioneers because he had a few questions about 17 Miracles. It was awesome! (haha) They even gave us refreshments! He accepted a baptismal date for the 27th of June! Wow! Yesterday was an amazing day. (haha) This area hasn't had much progress for a long time and to see a miracle like this was a huge testimony builder for me that the Lord is always watching over us and He always has a plan. We just have to be patient and put our trust in Him and it all works out in the end!  

(haha) So yeah! That´s about all that happened this last week! (haha) Oh yeah! I had Intercambios with Hermana Hidalgo, and that was way fun!! (haha) She´s finishing her mission this Wednesday! It was super fun to work with her for a day! She´s awesome. The end. (haha) But yeah, this last week was great! I love the mission and the opportunity I have to be here in Paraguay helping these people change their lives! Thank you all for your support!  Have an awesome week. Love you all!  

Hermana Austin

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