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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

SEMANA 52!!!

¡Hola Todos!

So, wow, this week was really crazy! On Tuesday at our District Meeting, the Zone Leaders notified us that we were in charge of the musical number at our big conference we had Friday with half the mission and the Area Seventy President... The elders were all just like, "It´s fine, we´ll just throw something together.¨ (haha) So we practiced a little on Tuesday and Wednesday... Let me just say they were both horrible practices, partially because we didn't have anyone to play the piano... (haha) We had planned to sing Army of Helaman, and it was just turning out horribly. So on Thursday, Hermana Ball and I were studying and we were just like, ¨We can´t look like fools in front of half the mission!¨ So we started brainstorming and came up with a really great arrangement. We called the ZL´s and told them we had an idea, they were down! (haha) So then we called an elder in the office that could help us with the Piano. We organized a practice later that day and got the song REALLY good! Needless to say, it was a success! Everyone loved our singing! (haha) Whod´ve thought I´d be organizing a musical number here in the mish...  

The Conference was also REALLY great! Our Area Seventy came and talked to us, President Gonzalez. He was great. He and his wife even had a meeting after set apart just for the Hermanas! They answered our questions and basically gave us a pep talk. There was also a leaders meeting afterwards and the whole focus was how we as leaders can teach and motivate the missionaries to do the things we learned! It was great! Then, after, he said he just wanted to talk to us four Hermana Lideres. He asked us to really explain what we do to help the hermanas and then asked what the church could do to make the whole program of Hermana Leaders better. It was really cool! We gave a few suggestions and then he left and told us he was really grateful for our work, and that we were doing a good job.  

Let´s see, as far as the area goes, things are going good! (haha) We had an entire family in church Sunday!! It was the best! They´re a reference from a member, and they´re great! SUPER CATHOLIC though. But, we´ll see what happens, we had a really great family night with them on Monday. We also had a really great spiritual lesson with Norma and Pablo y Wanilda! We invited Norma to be baptized! (haha) It was super spiritual! Really, she was so great. She explained that she has her religion and doesn't want to change. We invited her to pray, and she said she would, but she didn't really have the desire to change. Then Pablo started bearing his testimony. He told his entire story, and said he knows that if Norma prays the same thing will happen to her. He just kept saying she had to try it. It was so spiritual and so great! She committed to pray and read in the BoM. She´s been sick all weekend, so we haven´t been able to pass by, but I´m sure she´ll get an answer if she keeps the commitment.

Also, little side note, we had a BAPTISM!!!! Whooh!! (haha) Lucas Dominguez got baptized on Saturday. He´s the son of a Convert family here in San Lorenzo. His mom and dad have been members for a while! He´s great! (haha) It was seriously the cutest baptism ever! It had been way to long!  

But yeah, that´s about it! It was a great week full of work and lots of meetings! Thanks for all of your prayers and support! Love you guys!

Hermana Austin

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