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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

SEMANA 51!!!


Wow... This last week was absolutely INSANE!! (haha) I spent so much time on a Bus traveling from city to city. We planned to do three divisions with the Hermanas this last week (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday), then on Friday afternoon while in a division with a Hermana, I got a call from President asking if we could do emergency divisions with a set of Hermanas that are sick, the next day!! AHH!! Hermana Ball wasn't even with me, so we had to go back to the area where Hermana Ball was at, and end divisions early... All in all, I spent about four hours in a bus on Friday, if that gives you a little idea how crazy the week was!!! (hahaha) It was so FUN though! Me and Hermana Ball just have a blast on trips! (haha) I bought a scary mask this last week and we've been scaring all of the Hermanas when they open their apartment door! (hahaha...) They think we´re crazy, but it´s fine! Our job is to really help them be excited and learn to love the mission and we figure doing crazy fun things like that make the mission fun!  

The thing about this last week was I really realized that the Lord calls us to do all of these hard tasks and then literally provides the way we accomplish them! 1 Nephi 3:7 I don´t think I got a full nights sleep at all last week, but miraculously the Lord blessed me with the energy I needed to keep going, and keep helping the Hermanas! Even cooler, is He really blesses us in our area! We found so many great people this last week, and saw SO many miracles! The biggest one happened on Saturday. (haha) We had finished divisions for the week, and were together for the first time since Tuesday! PARTY! (hahaha) We decided at about 7:30 to pass by and see Pablo and Wanilda. When we got there, they weren't there, but Pablo´s mom was! -Little side note about Norma--She´s very very very catholic... BUT, we've been taking baby steps. About 3 weeks ago, we gave her a Book of Mormon, and last week we finally got her to come in and listen to us sing and pray at the end of the lesson, but that´s the most progress we've had with her since meeting Pablo--Miraculously, Saturday night, we got the chance to teach her! We taught about the restoration, and she committed to pray about Joseph Smith, and she told us that she had been reading! We finished, and invited her to church...It was perfect, 'cause Pablo was going to talk in sacrament meeting the next day! She was like, ¨We´ll see¨...It´s been hard getting her to church, 'cause she goes to the Catholic church EVERY STINKING SUNDAY!! (haha) BUT, we left and prayed all that night that she would come!! (haha) So then, the next morning, we got to church and were chatting with the members when I look up and in waltzes Pablo and Wanilda, grinning from ear to ear with Norma right behind them!!!! We both nearly started crying! Norma´s SO GREAT!! She´s basically already a member, she just doesn't know it yet! (haha) She´s like my abuela here in San Lorenzo!! Pablo gave a beautiful talk and Norma was crying, she felt the spirit so strongly! We have plans to pass by tomorrow and see how her prayer went! She´s AMAZING and this is the most progress we've had with her for a long time! PRAY FOR HER!!!  

(haha) So, yeah! Lots more stuff happened, but I don´t have time to write it all!! I love you all, thank you all for your prayers! Have an Awesome week, ROHAYHU!!

Hermana Austin

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