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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

SEMANA 50!!!

Hola todos!

Wow, what a great week! (haha) I guess I´ll start things off with the biggest news! (haha) I went back to Costa Bonita to do divisions last week! It was such a great experience! So, yeah, I went back with Hermana Guy, who´s great and got the chance to help her in the area. We saw so many miracles, found so many new people, and I got to see a few of my converts. I could rave and rave about the day I had but the best part was we went and visited the Familia Flor in the night. When I got there the two youngest boys and the younger daughter Pamela met us outside the house they were so happy to see me! (haha) I then went into the house and saw Hermana Flor. She was so suprised to see me, I gave her a hug and then started asking her how she´s doing. I just started tearing up abruptly as it hit me how much I really missed her! It was so great to see her. We headed outside and started sharing with her and the youngest three kids when the abuela (grandma) came out that only speaks Guarani. (haha) She also gave me a hug, and I couldn't really understand what she was saying, but I could tell she remembered me and was really happy to see me! Then Paula showed up! Oh man, I love Paula! (haha) Other than Hermana Cheney, she was the first friend I made here in Paraguay! She was SO happy to see me. We all sat down together and then we started sharing. We sang Las Familia Puedan Ser Eternas and then prayed and we started to share with them. After about five minutes, Paula goes, ¨Hey look, Ruben and Dad are home from work.¨ I whipped around and saw them both. They came over and we started sharing with the entire family! Without even wanting to, I just choked up all of a sudden looking at all of them... I love them so much and they were the same great family they were when I left! They´re having a few challenges as a family, but we talked about enduring to the end, and I think it helped. More than anything, I left with an assurance that God has a plan for them, and I know without a doubt they´ll make it to the temple as a family someday.

So yeah, that was Costa Bonita! It was a day I really needed! Pablo is doing a lot better. He and Wanilda came to church yesterday and the bishop´s really hands on with helping him! It´s been great to see the bishop helping them so much.

We also might have seen a miracle! (haha) So on Saturday night, we were kind of out of things to do at 7:45, and we were trying to think of someone we could visit. All of a sudden a name popped into my head, Ivanna. She´s a reference from some members, is younger, and owns a bar with her family... Good news is this bar sells pizza! (haha) It was on the other end of our area, but we went anyways. We were a little bummed when we got there, 'cause she wasn't there, but ordered pizza without really realizing what time it was. It was like 815... at 8.40 we still didn't have our pizza. (haha) I was starting to get stressed cause A: It´s not most productive thing to be eating pizza on a Saturday night, and B: We have to be home at nine. That´s a rule. (haha) So, we got our pizza at like 8.45 and started wolfing the thing down as fast as we could. At 8:57, we were finished and went to the counter to pay, accepting the fact that Ivanna wasn't gonna come. As we were paying she came around the corner and we got the chance to meet her! She invited us to sit down and share! (haha) Cool rule about missionary work, if you're teaching a lesson you can be home at 9:30. So we sat down and started sharing! She really opened up to us and is SO great!!! (haha) We have plans to start working with her! We didn't have that much time to teach her, but it was totally the hand of God that led us to teaching and meeting her! (haha) If we wouldn't have ordered that pizza and been late, we wouldn't have met her! MIRACLE

Anyways, that´s about all I've got this week! I love you guys! Thank you so much for all of your prayers, I feel them every day! Have a great week!  

Hermana Austin

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