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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

SEMANA 53!!!

Wow this week was crazy! (haha) It was pretty normal. We did a few exchanges, some studies with the hermanas, and worked in our area! (haha) Cool fun fact about this last week, we have been told that we had a rule change and can now drink Coke! (haha) I can´t tell you all how happy I was! I drank my first Coke in a YEAR last week!! (haha) It was so GOOD!  

Anyways, but yeah, this last week was great! We found SO many people this last week! And, are seeing so many miracles! One of the biggest has been an eight year old kid named Angel! He came to church last week with  a member, so Hermana Ball went and found his house in divisions. He lives with his grandma, and come to find out she wanted him to go to church so that he could be a better kid, BUT she said he can´t get baptized because he was already baptized in the Catholic church. So, anyways, he came to church yesterday and we went back in the night to visit him and his grandma. Weirdly enough, we start teaching and the abuela´s like, ¨He can get baptized if he wants.¨ We were just like, ¨WHAT?¨ (haha) Angel told us he wants to get baptized on September 11th! WHOOH!! (haha) He´s such a cute kid, and we´re hopin we can help the rest of his family eventually too! Pray for him.

Also, I got the chance to do intercambios this last week with Hermana McDougal. It was super fun to see her and work together for a day! She´s doing great! (hahaha) Funny story about this division, after lunch we had plans to pass by for a convert for her birthday... I kid you not, this lady has like 20 Cats! (haha) It was the most DISGUSTING house ever... Think cat hair and cat shivivi (diarrhea) everywhere, and TONS of dirty dishes. We walk in and Hermana McDougal had a couple of birthday presents for her. One was cat food, and the other was cake... (haha) This lady was so so so HAPPY to get cat food for her birthday... She says thanks and then she´s like, ¨I have something for you guys too.¨ She walked over to her fridge and pulled out LUNCH... It was the nastiest looking stuff I've ever seen, half cooked chicken with over cooked noodles... I looked at Hermana McDougal and her face is white. She turned to me and said in English, ¨NO Hermana! I swore I would never eat here again!¨ That´s when I really got nervous... So we sit down and start eating... (haha) When the Hermana left the room we decided it was not healthy to eat the half cooked chicken so we stuffed it in a plastic bag and hid it with our stuff... We slowly but surely started eatin the nooodles. (haha) Mind you, we´re eating this meal with like 20 cats and they´re jumping all over this Hermana to get her food! About half way through my meal one of the Cats jumped on ME!!! (haha) It was so crazy!! These cats were insane! Bueno, I´d like to say that I had the stomach to finish my meal but I really didn´t... I ended up giving some of my food to the cats and Hermana McDougal helped me finish... It was definitely a crazy mission experience to say the least...

Little update on Pablo ý Wanilda! They are doing SO GOOD!! (haha) It´s been so great. They moved into our appt building! Sometimes at night they bring us food and stuff! It´s the best! Also, Pablo got a promotion in his job which has been such a blessing!! The Lord truly is helping them so much! They´re the best!

Anyways, yeah... (haha) That´s about all that´s happened this last week! It was a good one! I love you guys, thank you all for your prayers! Also, ps, we have transfers again this week and there´s a chance I´ll be leaving San Lorenzo... Sad day. I love it here with Hermana Ball... But yeah, that´s all! Hope you all have a great week!  

Hermana Austin

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