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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

SEMANA 54!!!

Hola todos!

So, first off, if you've been reading my emails at all, you know we had changes last week! (haha) Ccrazy thing is, I'm still here in San Lorenzo with Hermana Ball!!! (haha) It´s been so crazy! This is our third change together, which hardly ever happens and it also means I am going to be here in San Lorenzo for the next 6 weeks! (haha) It's gonna be the best! We´re like best friends, so no problems there!  

Let´s see, that´s about all from this week... (haha) It was pretty uneventful! It was actually really great, because we didn't have intercambios! (haha) We actually got to exercise in the mornings which was great! We've been leaving in the morning and playing bball for our half hour of exersise! (haha) It´s been so great to get out and run around! We never really get to exersise 'cause we always are traveling early in the morning, but its cool we just took advantage of our week ¨off. (haha) If you could call it that!  

But yeah things are going good. (haha) We´re just working really really hard. Thank you all for all your support and prayers, I feel them every day! Love you all, and have a great week!  

Hermana Austin

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