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Thursday, September 10, 2015

SEMANA 46!!!

Hola todos!!

Wow, this week was great! And super crazy!! So wow, first of all, Pablo is the greatest! It´s kinda sad cause he only has time to share with us on Sundays, but he´s the most fiel (faithful)  convert. (haha) So, we get to church on Sunday and we were kinda a little worried about them 'cause they weren´t there, but we sat down and the meeting started. The first counselor then proceeded to say that there were two men that were ready to receive the Aaronic Priesthood, and one of them was Pablo!! We were so happy, but so nervous 'cause they said he was gonna receive it after the meeting and he wasn't even THERE!! (haha) But, then after the sacrament they both showed up and it was great! He got the priesthood after church and was so happy and excited! Wanilda basically cried! It was so great! We went and shared with them after church and they were all ready for us! (haha) They had fought over who could use the oven because they both wanted to cook different things for us! It was so funny! (haha) They ended up taking turns and we had Chipa Wassu and some REALLY great cookie things from Brazil. They were so great, and we had a really great lesson! At the end, Pablo was just like, ¨I know we all were friends in the pre-mortal world, and that you guys were sent to help us.¨ We both basically just started crying... It was so great! OH!! (haha) And they also told us why they were late!! (haha) They were just late getting ready in the morning and then their bus was late! The crazy thing was they both said they ALMOST just walked back home when they were waiting for the bus...but then Pablo explained that he knows Satan just didn't want them to come to church because he was gonna receive the Priesthood and there was also a really mushy talk about eternal marriage that really hit them hard! It was so great, and a miracle that they came and can see the blessings... They're the best!

There was also a menos activo familia (less active family) that came to church on Sunday. They´re great too!! The craziest thing was we passed by their house after, and were sharing with the mom and she gave us a reference!! But the reference is one of our investigators that we ALMOST dropped!! (haha) She explained this lady that we´re teaching named Graciela wants her son Pedro to come to church with us and every thing!! It was so CRAZY because we had basically made the decision to stop passing by to talk to them... I guess God has a different plan, 'cause we took that as a sign and are gonna see what happens with them!

We also had interviews with President Wilson on Friday and that was the best! He just said everything I needed to hear! He helped me a lot with understanding how he wants us to help the Hermanas and what we can do to help our area! He´s really big on getting families to the temple, and that´s great! Reactivating and retaining members, he really has an amazing vision for our entire mission and I´m so stoked to see how it all works out. 

(haha) So anyways, that was our week! I am having a great time!! (haha) Oh... we have these three investigators. We call them "The Three Doubters."  (hah) Their biggest problem is they just don´t feel READY to be baptized, but what they don´t understand is they ARE ready!! (haha) They all just need a kick in the butt from God, and they´ll get baptized... (haha) It would be great if you could remember them in your prayers. They´re names are Juan José, Pilar, and Ivan. Also, I´m open to suggestions on how to help 'em! (haha) How do you help someone realize they've already received an answer that the church is true? (haha) They´re all great! Solo me dan dolor de cabeza a veces... (Just gives me a headache sometimes...) 

I love you all, thank you for all of your prayers. I feel them every day! I´m just working my butt off and loving the mish... (haha) Things are good! Have an AWESOME week!

Love Hermana Austin

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