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Thursday, September 10, 2015

SEMANA 45!!!

Hola todos!!

Wow, what a crazy week!! We worked so HARD this week! (haha) It was crazy! First of all, I don´t think I mentioned this, but we have a new Mission President!! His name´s President Wilson, and he´s great! We had a big meeting last week and I got to see Hermana Cheney and Hermana Bennett!!! (haha) It was so good to see them both, they´re both doing great! It´s so crazy, Hermana Cheney´s going home in like two weeks... I can´t even believe it. The time goes by so fast!! But yeah, President was great. He and his wife are actually converts, and he really talked about the importance of helping our converts stay active in the church. I loved it. He basically told us we need to do every thing we can to help the converts in every area stay active. He´s amazing. We have interviews this week, so I´ll let you all know how that goes!

Oh my gosh! (haha) The other crazy thing that happened last week is el Papa came to town... (The Pope) Paraguay was crazy!! He came on Thursday and was here til yesterday... (haha) It was so crazy. The streets were like deserted ghost towns, and the Paraguayos were so into it. They had like a great big parade for him and were just adoring him every where he went! (haha) He visited Caacupe, (It´s like the big Catholic city in Paraguay) Poor Hermana Cheney and Hermana Bennett had to leave their Area for 5 days because it was so crazy dangerous! (haha) It was kinda good for us though because all of the non-Catholics were home all weekend!! (haha) We found some really great people.

We´re really working our guts off! (haha) I love working hard in the mission. It´s amazing to really see the fruits of the work we´re doing. Pablo and Wanilda are doing great and it makes me so happy. He´s for sure going to be a bishop someday or something! (haha) It´s so great. We don´t have many converts here in San Lorenzo, but the converts we do have are amazing!

Anyways life´s great! We´re always working really hard! Thank you all for your support and prayers! I love you all!

Hermana Austin

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