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Thursday, September 10, 2015

SEMANA 44!!!

Hola Todos!

Wow, what a crazy week! We are working so hard! We found a really great guy last week named Juan José! He´s an old investigator. We found his name in our area book.  I was in divisions on Wednesday in our area and we had plans to look for him, BUT typical Paraguay...the address on his registro was horrible, and we couldn´t find his house. Luckily there was a phone number! (haha) So I call and he didn't answer. Finally, I decided to give up and look for somebody else. We went and did a contact and were sharing and while we were in the lesson, the phone rang! (haha) It was him. He called us back! Paraguayos never call back!! (haha) We wrapped up the lesson and as soon as we finished I called him again and he told us he wanted to meet with us that very night!! We had an activity in the church so we invited him, and he came!! We didn't get the chance to share with him, but we made an appointment for Friday. I was in intercambios again. (It´s the worst cause Hermana Ball wasn't with us! Sometimes I just wanna teach with my companion...) Anyways, I was with another Hermana and we taught the restoration, and it turns out Juan just has a doubt about whether or not he can and should be baptized again cause he got baptized in the iglesia catolica! We talked a lot about priesthood and the importance of having the authority from God. We invited him to pray and he said he would. Okay, fast forward to last night... (haha) We met with him again and it was great because I was with Hermana Ball! He told us he had prayed but he didn't feel like he´s gotten an answer yet. We talked about how we can receive answers to our prayers and told him he needs to ACT to receive an answer! We talked a lot about the importance of the BoM and told him to receive his answer. He should be reading it every day, and should be coming to church! He´s great, the thing I love about it is he really has the desires to KNOW, and I know without a doubt when he recognizes his answer he´s gonna get baptized!  

Let´s see...oh, I don´t know if I've told you guys, but my Companion´s amazing! Really though, I am learning so much from Hermana Ball and her example! (haha) More than that though we´re best friends. She´s the best! We went to visit a Menos Activo Saturday night at like 7, and it was FREEZING COLD!!! (haha) I don´t think I've said anything about the weather, but it's SO COLD right now!!! (haha) Anyways, this Menos Activo´s a little old lady and is really poor, like REALLY poor. Oh, and she´s also missing a leg, so she´s confined to a wheelchair all the time. So we pass by and it was completely dark in her house because she doesn't have any light or anything. We clapped anyways, and she hollered ¨Who´s there?¨ We told her it was us and passed the gate, and walked up to her window. She was already in bed. We started talking to her and we could tell she was freezing cold. All of a sudden Hermana Ball goes, ¨Hermana can we bring you a blanket?¨ And the Hermana was like, ¨oh i dunno it´s pretty cold...¨ Hermana Ball told her we´d be back with a blanket... (haha) We walk off and Hermana Ball´s like ¨We HAVE to find her a blanket.¨ The problem was, we didn't HAVE a blanket to give her, or a whole lot of time to look for one. I´m not gonna lie, I was a little annoyed... (haha) I dunno, I was more worried about passing by our investigators so they would come to church. Sometimes I get so caught up in the work of being a missionary and forget we´re here to help and serve these people... Anyways, we stopped and thought for a while on how we were gonna get this blanket and decided to pass by a members house and ask if they could spare a blanket. They gave it to us without asking hardly any questions, and we were back in the Menos Activos house in twenty minutes. She was so grateful for our help and we could tell was gonna feel so much warmer. I remember just wanting to cry. This little old lady lives alone, and can hardly take care of herself. The blanket was such a small thing, but it meant a lot to her. We passed by the next day and she told us she was toasty warm the night before! I learned a lot from that experience, but more than anything I learned that we should ALWAYS go the extra mile and be willing to serve people. Hermana Ball was right.

Anyways, so much stuff happened last week, but that´s all the time that I have right now! I sure do love you all! Hope you have an amazing week! Thanks for all of your support! 

Love, Hermana Austin

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