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Thursday, September 10, 2015

SEMANA 43!!!

Hola Todos!!

Wow, this week was great!!! So first of all, we had a BAPTISM last week!!! Pablo got baptized on Saturday and it was AMAZING!!! (haha) I haven´t taught someone so prepared my entire mission! He just GETS it!! He understands that baptism is just the beginning. It was so neat, he bore his testimony after his baptism and said that he´s just starting out on this journey, and he´s excited to see where it takes him! I just love them both. It´s been a true miracle working with him and seeing that God really does prepare these people! As missionaries, we are just the instruments that help them learn about the Gospel. The Lord knows which people are prepared and he sends them to us, we just have to leave every day with a lot of faith and watch the miracles unfold!  

(haha) So, funny story!! I don´t know if any of you know this but the Copa America is going on down here in South America! (Just a great big Soccer Tourney) It´s been CRAZY!!! Like March Madness for South America! Anyways, Paraguay played against Brazil on Saturday before Pablo´s baptism and we got to the church a little early with Pablo y Wanilda! (haha) All of the young adults from institute were watching the end of the game in the church on the big screen! It was super intense because Paraguay and Brazil were shooting penalty kicks to see who wins...(The most retarded way to end a game...but soccer´s like that...) Anyways, Paraguay took their shots and made like 4 out of 5 or something like that... The ENTIRE room was freaking out! After it was Brazils turn, (hahaha) Wanilda is from Brazil so she was wanting them to win! Brazil made their first penalty kick, and Wanilda started to jump up and down yelling ¨GOAL¨ (HAHAHA) The ENTIRE room turned and looked at her like she was NUTS!!! We were dying it was so funny!! (haha) In the end Paraguay WON!!! That like NEVER happens!! (haha) Sucks for you dad! (haha) They were like the underdogs in this tournament and now they're in the semifinals! Anyways, it was a really funny experience... I just love Pablo y Wanilda, they're the best!  

I have another funny story this week! (haha) So, we were sitting in sacrament meeting. After we took the sacrament, and the first counselor got up to say who was going to give the talks... ¨First we are going to hear a talk from Hermana Austin, followed by...¨ (HAHAHAHA) I had NO IDEA that I was going to talk in church... I looked at Hermana Ball in shock and she whispered, ¨There´s not another Hermana Austin here right?¨ I shook my head as the first counselor finished, grabbed my Book of Mormon and started walking up to the pulpit, my head reeling trying to think of what I could say... All of a sudden Moroni 10:32-33 popped into my head and I knew EXACTLY what I needed to say! THANK YOU ESPIRITU SANTO!! (haha) But really, I read the scripture and talked about the grace of God, and the Atonement. To say I killed it would be an understatement!! I LOVE speaking in church!! And that was quite the challenge! It turned out really well! The best part, is I know it wasn't me! The scripture was a direct prompting from the Holy Ghost, and everything I said after was material that I had been studying these last few weeks... (haha) I feel like I prepared for that talk without really even knowing it! Fue super purete!

Let´s see, our area is progressing a ton! I´m super excited we found a family this last week!!! Miguel y Patricia! Miguel is a member already, but Patricia isn't!! They´re great they have a new baby and she´s so CUTE!! (haha) They didn't come to church yesterday, but si o si next week!! They´re THE cutest family!!

Umm, that´s about all that happened this last week. We had divisions again, but what´s new? (haha) The Hermanas are getting along better now so that´s great!! (haha) Life´s good! I sure do love the mission! Thank you all for your prayers and support!! Have an awesome week!!!

Hermana Austin

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