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Thursday, September 10, 2015

SEMANA 47!!!


(haha) This week was so great! We ALMOST had a baptism! There´s an old investigator in our area named Gretel! We havn't been visiting her because she can´t come to church 'cause she plays rugby on Sundays... BUT I had been feeling like we should pass by and talk to her for a LONG time! Finally, we put her in our plans on Tuesday. We passed by and she told us she had really missed us and that she had basically been reading her Book of Mormon the entire time! She was already in 2 Nephi. (haha) So, we were just chatting, and we started teaching her and decided to read 2 Nephi 31... We read the entire chapter with her and after she gave us a five minute summary of what it says! She then was like ¨Quiero bautizarme pero...¨  (I want to be baptized but...) She still had this Rugby problem... BUT then she was like, ¨But I can come to church this weekend.¨ We then told her if she can come to church this weekend she can get baptized this last Saturday. She was super stoked but then told us she wasn't sure and that she would pray about it! The next time we passed by she told us she didn't feel ready... GAH!! We now have another doubter... She wants to be baptized, but she´s just scared she won´t live up to her covenants. We tried everything, but it didn't work out... It´s fine. She´s gonna get baptized someday! (haha) I just have to be patient.

We also found a really great lady named Mirian and her daughter Tania! They´re amazing. We contacted Tania on Monday and stuck her with a baptismal date! (haha) Then she was like, ¨Can you guys come back tomorrow and talk to my mom?¨ We were like ¨Sure¨ (haha) We pass by the next day and they let us in and her mom is CATHOLIC! She was this super super ornery old lady! (haha) She did not want hardly anything to do with us... BUT the Espiritu Santo (spirit) is the best! Somehow, he took over the lesson and she then told us that she would at least pray about baptism. We passed by again on Saturday and taught the restoration, and she was really attentive and respectful and more that anything INTERESTED! (haha) We left her with a Book of Mormon, and she said she would read, and told us that she for sure wanted to come to church on Sunday! We passed by the next morning to take them to church and she comes out and gives us a piece of crap Paraguayo excuse... (haha) We weren't about to take no for an answer though, and we were a little more persuasive and she ended up coming with Tania! THEY HAD A GREAT TIME!!!! Mirian told us she for sure wants to come back!!! And the best part is, she accepted a BAPTISMAL DATE after church!!! Holler!! (haha) It was so great!! Only sad thing is they might have moved today! (haha) We can´t catch a break here, but we´re praying for a miracle, and I know even if we never see them again it was all in God´s plan. They´re for sure gonna get baptized some day!! They´re the BEST!!!

FUNNY STORY!! Sooo... I don´t know if you've all noticed, but my hair has been REALLY long in all my pictures... (haha) I hadn´t cut it for a YEAR!!! It was SO nasty! (haha) Good news is there´s a member in our ward that cuts hair! BUT (haha) Hermana Ball wanted to cut it for me!! So we borrowed the scissors from this member and Hermana Ball cut my hair!! Hahaha Hermana Ball has NEVER cut hair before... (haha) I have a couple of GREAT videos of us debating the best way to cut hair. It´s a shame I can´t send em... You´ll see them all in six months, but it was a really stressful situation! It was a party though! And it actually turned out really GREAT!!! It was a great mission adventure!

ANYWAYS! That´s what happened here last week! (haha) It was a good one! We´re working SO hard and seeing miracles! Pablo BLESSED THE SACRAMENT last week! Life´s good, and I love the mish! Have an amazing week! Thanks for all your prayers! Love you all!

Hermana Austin

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