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Thursday, September 10, 2015

SEMANA 48!!!


So, this last week was great!!! (haha) We had transfers, BUT, luckily I´m still here in San Lorenzo with Hermana Ball!! (haha) It´s gonna be the greatest!! She´s the best, and we´re best friends!! We also had Leadership Council (Basically a meeting with President, the APs, Lideres de Zona, and us) and I got to see Hermana Bennett!! (haha) She´s the best, and we also learned a LOT from President and what he wants for the mission!! (haha) Things are going to change, but they're going to change for the better! Best part is, we were talking to the other Hermana Lideres that are here in the city and they were telling us they have 12 companionships of Hermanas they have to take care of! We only have seven... soo... we told them we would take a few of their areas. And guess what area they gave us? COSTA BONITA 1.2!!!!!! (hahaha) I´m so stoked!!!! This means that I´m gonna get the chance to go back to my first area and help the Hermanas there... And, that I get to see my CONVERTS!!!! I´m so EXCITED to go back there, it´s been my dream ever since I became a Hermana Lider... (haha) It´s gonna be so great!!  

Also, we have this guy named Juan José, and he hasn't been progressing, so we decided it was time to drop him. We had made the decision that if he doesn't contact us, we weren't going to go back. Well, as it turns out, he called us on Thursday and was like ¨Hermanas, I wanna meet with you guys!¨ (haha) So we were stoked and set up an appointment for Saturday night! Saturday rolled around and he didn't show. We called after, and he said he had been working, but that he was going to come to church on Sunday. We got to church and he didn't show... Paraguayos are the worst sometimes! (haha) So I was pretty bummed, thinking we were going to have to drop him again! BUT, after Relief Society, we were out in the hall, and I turn around and Juan came walking out of the reunion sacramental!! He was with the other ward!!! He came to church!!! (haha) I´m so stoked!! We haven't had someone progressing like this for a LONG time and he´s showing a lot of interest!!! Pray for the guy so that he can get an answer and get baptized!!  

We also found a FAMILY this last week. Their names are Paco and Raquel and they´re the best!! Things are still really early with them, but we´re praying for the best!! They were a reference from a member and they really have a lot of interest!!!

But yeah, that´s about all that happened this last week!! Pablo´s doing well still... He´s had a few struggles this last week, but that´s normal! I love it here! The mission´s so great, such an adventure! Love you all, thanks for your support!! Have a great week!

Hermana Austin

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