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Friday, August 28, 2015

SEMANA 34!!!

Hola Todos!

(Haha) This week was a good one! Nothing super eventful happened, but it was an awesome week! We've really been trying to focus a lot more on working with part-member families. So, we've been working with this menos activo (less active memeber) named Marta and her 17 year old sister in law named Ana! They're both awesome! So, we were out early Sunday morning looking for investigators to come to church and they called us, and Marta was like, ¨Hey, we want to come to church, can you guys come get us?¨ We were just shocked, and we're like ¨YEAH¨ (haha) So, we walked clear to the other end of our area to take them to church, but hey, it was all worth it! (haha) We have a cita (appointment) with them tonight and we're gonna invite Ana to be baptized! Holla!

AHH!! Last P-day was the BEST!!! (haha) I told you we were going to go fishing with the FAmila Cesped right?  It was SO FUN!!!  haha I kept having flashbacks of my childhood fishing trips with Grandpa John!  The best part was after we ATE THEM!!!  Hahaha I ate river fish from Paraguay and they were really good!  It was a party for sure...  Haha I love the Familia Cesped.

Bueno Teofido is still progressing un poco a poco...  He couldn't come to church again this week because of his work...  BUT we had an awesome lesson with the Bishop and his wife!  We taught him the Restoration because he didn't really understand it the first time we taught him, and he understood PERFECTLY this time!  He's so awesome, hes reading from the Book of Mormon, saying his prayers and keeping all of his commitments except coming to church!  I will never understand why it's so hard for the Paraguayos to come to church...  haha but its fing we just need to have some patience!  

Yeah that's about it this week it was a good one!  Thank you all for the Birthday wishes!  Haha Hermana Bennett is planning something for Saturday during lunch I think so I'll let you know how that goes!  Have an awesome week! Love you all!

Hermana Austin

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