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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Semana 21!!

Whoa, what a week! So this week was nuts! We got rained on a ton! But it was awesome... So on Tuesday, I had to use some of my hunting skills! We woke up at 6:30 like normal, prayed and then I went to the bathroom like normal. When I opened the door to the bathroom, to my surprise, there climbing up the wall was a LIZARD!!! (hahaha) It was just a little guy, like two inches long probably, but I jumped so bad... (haha) I had to go get the broom and kill it cause Hermana McDougal doesn't do stuff like that! (haha) The things that happen in Paraguay! I love it here...  

Also, Karen is progressing a ton!!! And, besides that, she's just awesome! She couldn't come to church yesterday because she had to travel with her mom to visit some relatives, but she's for sure coming this week! She´s just like this golden investigator that everyone dreams about. (haha) We taught her the Word of Wisdom this week and she was like, "Wait, we can't drink wine?" And we were like, "Nope." And she was like, "Okay, sometimes I drink a glass of wine on Sunday night after dinner but I'll stop." (haha) It never gets old watching people change their lives for the better! I could be a missionary for el resto de mi vida (the rest of my life)! She's got a baptism date for the twins BIRTHDAY!!!February 7th!!!

Oh, and we had an INTENSE lesson on Saturday! (haha) So we contacted this lady named Adibe. She's probably in her mid 60's, and she was like, "yeah, you guys can come back tomorrow and visit me." So we pass bySaturday morning and start teaching her Lesson 3, which is The Gospel Of Christ. We start talking about repentance and she asks, "what do you guys believe about forgiving people that do bad things OVER and OVER and OVER?" The funny thing is that I've had people ask hard questions like this one before, but I always would just let my older more experienced companions handle them! (haha) But this time, I looked at Hermana McDougal, and she looked at me, and I realized that this time it was my turn to be the older, more experienced one and answer the question... I can tell you right now, the Holy Ghost helped me know exactly what I needed to say. I don't even remember exactly what I said, but I KNOW it was what she needed to hear. I talked about the relief that comes when we forgive others and things along those lines, I even remembered a scripture off the top of my head which was also nuts. Anyways, when it says in D&C that we will know exactly what it is we need to say, it's true! We just have to open our mouths!

We also had a MIRACLE happen this week! So, I was looking through our Area Book and there was a Ficha Bautismal (The paper we have to fill out when we have a baptism) totally filled out with a signature and everything. The only thing that was missing was her interview and baptism! It was a 9 year old girl named Yanina Ugarte, and we had no idea who she was... Sad thing was that the Ficha was missing an ADDRESS!!! Of all the things the missionaries could have forgotten, they forgot to write the address!!! Anyways, we decided we would try to find her by some miracle and started asking the members at lunches if they knew her, no luck... We weren't gonna lose hope though. On Thursday, we were in Yukytu teaching a Menos Activo family and there were a ton of kids sitting around us. After the lesson we were asking the kids their names and their was this girl that said "Soy Yanina." I did a double take and said "Que?  Usted se llama Yanina Ugarte?" She was like yeah... Anyways, by some miracle we were led to this little girl, and she's awesome! She wants to get baptized this Saturday!! All we have to do is talk to her mom about it! We're praying for another miracle because we know that we were led to her for a reason!  

Anyways, that's about it for this week! Life's good here in the mish! I love it! I love all of you! Hope you have an awesome week!  

Hermana Austin

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