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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Semana 20!!!

Hola Todos!!!

Wow what a crazy week! So first things first Michel...(haha) We´re not exactly sure what happened, but she kind of fell off the face of the earth! We couldn't teach her at all last week because she was never home! (haha) We passed by on Saturday and she was there, but she didn't want to listen to us anymore... Not exactly sure what happened to be honest, guess its just not her time!  

BUT really this week was awesome!!! We've been working with this 16 year old girl named Karen and she´s AMAZING! Literally a golden investigator. To start off this week, we taught her about the Book of Mormon and invited her to read and pray about it. She said she would and so we passed by on Saturday and were talking to her and she was like "Yeah Hermanas. I got my answer, I prayed and I just felt this awesome feeling of peace. I can't even explain it." That's literally the BEST thing you can hear from an investigator as a missionary! Anyways, she's really been wanting to go to church these past few weeks and hasn't been able to get permission from her mom, so we asked her about church and she was like, "I dunno wanna ask my mom for me?" (haha) I was just like "yeah why not?" So she goes and gets her mom and I'm just like, "Hey your daughter wants to come to church with us tomorrow is that cool?" (This entire conversations is in Spanish btw)  And her mom goes, "Sure, when will she be back?" (haha) We were just in shock, and her mom left the room, and I kid you not, Karen starts jumping up and down of excitement! I've never seen anyone so excited to go to church in my life! It was probably one of the coolest moments of the mish, not gonna lie! She came to church yesterday and loved it and ¡Si o si va a bautizarse el 31 de Enero! (She could be baptized January 31!)

We also had a Zone Conference last week and learned a TON!!! The whole thing was themed off of D&C 101:55-57 and it was awesome. The theme was "Toda la fuerza de mi casa" or "All the strength of mine house." We're really going to start focusing on working a lot more with the members! It was awesome, and I literally learned a ton!  

(haha) One more thing, this Sunday we contacted a woman named Norma, her mom, and her two daughters, and they all accepted a baptism date for the 31st of Enero. Anyways we set another appt and passed by on Tuesday. They let us in again and we sat down and they were like, "We have a question for you guys." We were just like, "Okay whats up?" And Norma goes, "We're just wondering what time our baptism's going to be on the 31st?" (haha) We just about died! This family is awesome, and si o si they're gonna get baptized. The sad thing is that their CAR, (yeah almost all the people have cars in this area... THAT'S been an adjustment from Costa Bonita) anyways, their car broke down Sunday and they couldn't come to church... BUT they for sure are coming next week!  

Anyways that's about it for this week! Life's good. I LOVE THE MISH!!!!  Hope you all have an awesome week I love you all!  

Hermana Austin

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