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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Semana 10!!!

Whoa, what a week! This week was super awesome, and we are still working our butts off! I don´t remember if I mentioned this or not, but we got WARD MISSIONARIES a few weeks ago, and it has been so awesome! We have a ward mission leader and four younger ward missionaries. Their names are: Leo Marcos Noelia and Marta. They are the coolest kids ever! They are about 17 or 18 years old, and are just so excited to help us and the Elders with the work! The cool part about this week was we had DIVISIONS with them on Saturday, which means Noelia and I went to work in one end of our area and Hermana Cheney and Marta went to the other! Not gonna lie, I was pretty nervous because 1) Noelia doesn't speak English and 2) I was going to be in charge! (haha) But I didn't need to be worried 'cause it all worked out just great! I'm learning that I just need to be confident with my Spanish because I can speak really well! And our teaching was awesome! It was definitely a way fun day!

We are really starting to find a lot of new investigators which is GREAT! We have a baptism this Saturday, too! Their names are Nilda, Jenina, and Fernando! They are awesome. They are the neighbors of some members in the ward and have been to church a million times! Nilda, the mom, has wanted to get baptized for a long time but her husband wouldn't let her! She talked with him last week though and pretty much told him she's getting baptized! (haha) So we have a baptism this week! Nilda´s AMAZING!!! I actually thought she was a member the first time I met her! (haha) But she'll be a member by the end of the week!

We also have another investigator named Norma, and she is literally the best! She has been investigating different churches for a long time, and when we contacted her house she told us that she was just going to say no, but what really changed her mind was that we were both just really loving and charitable towards her. She decided to let us start teaching her, and she's literally awesome! She was going to come to church yesterday, but is sick...  She has been to church a bunch too, so she can get baptized this next Saturday! She's literally the golden investigator everyone dreams about!!!

(haha) Funny story... Apparently I talk in my sleep! You all knew that already but the cool thing is I talk SPANISH in my sleep now! (haha) I woke Hna Cheney up last night, apparently, and I said, "Estabamos buscando alguien en la calle..." (We were looking for someone in the street..." and started to tell this big long story! (haha) Cool part was, is she said it was pretty much fluid!! How cool is that? The Spanish is COMING people! Slowly but surely! (haha)

Anyways, That's about it this week! It was an awesome week! I love you all! Hope all is well at home!  Have a good week!

Hermana Amby Austin

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