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Friday, August 8, 2014

Week 3!!!

Familia y Amigas,

Hola! It's been such a crazy week! This week literally flew by! Mostly in this email I want to talk about prosyliting! IT WAS AMAZING!!! Mom, I have a few missionary miracles we felt during prosyliting. My Spanish is horrendous, but it was really amazing to see how well I could speak while we went prosyliting. There is no way I would even be able to say anything with out the help of The Lord. That's miracle number one. 

Number two is we actually ran into a few people who spoke a little bit of English and were really receptive to the message. Literally, the second guy we ran into was Claus. He was this really old guy with a GIANT black dog. (Literally, there are dogs everywhere here, but Claus' dog is the biggest I've seen, he was huge!) Anyways, we started to tell him who we were and about the church and he was willing to listen. He isn't very religious but he told us there was this light about us that he couldn't ignore. That hit me so hard and I realized people can tell there's something different about us and it has nothing to do with the fact that we're pretty Americans, or from the states. It's the gospel of Christ. People are attracted to our message because we're different. Anyways, we taught Claus a little about the Savior and God and the Holy Ghost and left him with a Book of Mormon! We also took down his information for the elders in the area.

The last thing I want to talk about is the guy we taught after Claus. He also spoke English and was way interested in the gospel. He's a strong Catholic and enjoyed the message. He told us that he'd been an alcoholic in the past and had sworn off the stuff for 11 years, but his wife needed help. We told him about our church and the word of wisdom and that we were proud of him for his decision and that the missionaries could help his wife if she was receptive. Apparently she's a pretty bad drug addict. We also got his info and he said we were an answer from God. 

That's mostly all I have to say about prosyliting, but I realized that this gospel changes lives! You always get told that growing up but I didn't realize how amazing the message really is until you talk with real people that don't have it in their lives!  I am going to be making a difference in three short weeks and Im so excited!Prosyliting was an amazing experience and I'm so excited to go again this Saturday!
Other than prosyliting things here are pretty much the same. One thing thats different is that since the old Americans left, we needed some new leadership for Sundays.  President called me to be the Sister Training Leader on Friday. Basically it means I make sure all the American sisters are doing okay, and I'm pretty much the Relief Society president on Sundays, which is cool I guess. Lots of responsibility though. I'm only just realizing how much of a blessing playing basketball was in high school. I relate so much to that experience and have realized it made me a really good leader. Being a leader isn't hard, but I learned how to do it in that experience, and I'm glad I dont have to learn that while Im here! (Haha) I've already got enough on my plate! 
We also got a new group of Americans! I really like the Hermanas. There are two of them, and they're both really nice! There are some new elders, too. They have strong testimonies. I still miss the group that just left a lot mainly because of physical activity. There were four of us who played bball every day and Elder Stone left!  so now there are only three: my comp, Elder Call, and me. It's kinda hard to play ball with three of us, so we usually just end up playing soccer. I don't love soccer like I love bball, BUT I am getting better at it! Hopefully I'll be way good for the Copa in 2016! 
Anyways, that's all I've got for today! Don't worry about me at all, cause I really am doing great! Some things have been hard, but the good outweighs the bad most days! I love you all tons have a good week!

Hermana Austin

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