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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Semana 67!!!

Hola TODOS!!

So wow, this week was the BEST! We are working so hard! Monday and Tuesday were pretty interesting! (haha) It was the Día de la Virgen de Caacupé Tuesday, so we didn't work AT ALL Monday or Tuesday... (haha) They put us on house arrest! Up until about 6 o'clock on Monday it was fun, but then I was just BORED!!! (haha) I guess I'm just used to being busy all the time.  

Let's see, I guess I should tell you all the biggest miracle of the week, you all remember those less actives I talked about last week, right? Well, they came to church again yesterday! Miracle. We talked to our Branch President yesterday, and he said if they keep going strong they can go to the temple and get sealed right before I leave!!! That would be my dream! Also, we're working with their Hijas so they can get baptized sometime in the next few weeks! It's really been such a miracle, keep praying for them so that they can keep going strong and we can keep helping them progress...

Speaking of the Temple, remember Pedro who got baptized my first week here? Well, he left on a trip to the Temple this morning! (haha) It´s literally the best feeling ever to see your converts progressing. He's such a great kid! Speaking of converts, the mitaí (little kid) Juan Manuel, has a goal to serve a mission! He's also the greatest! All the converts are progressing and doing great!  

We've also been looking a lot for new people and found a few miracles!!  I´ll write a little more about them next week when they start progressing! (haha)

So yeah, it was a good one! We´re working really hard and are seeing the fruits! These next few weeks are gonna be great, I can feel it! Thanks for your prayers, love you all!!

Hermana Austin

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