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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

SEMANA 57!!!

Hola Todos!

Wow this last week was super crazy! (haha) Let´s just say the Conferencia General is the best in the mission! So many miracles happen with investigators and stuff! (haha) We wanted to take advantage of that so we made a list of all the people we wanted to invite to come. We spent the week passing by for all these people and mostly getting rejected... Whatever, it´s fine! (haha) We finally saw a miracle on Friday morning when we visited Gretel. (Our almost miracle baptism a couple months ago.) (haha) Her whole problem is she can´t come to church on Sunday! We took advantage of the Conferencia and invited her to come on Saturday! She said YES!!! (haha) We were so stoked! We passed by the next morning and she was asleep, but when she saw us she got ready and came to the Women´s Session and the Morning Session! MIRACLE!! She´s great and is progressing poco a poco! She´s gonna get baptized, si osi!  

But yeah, that´s about all that´s going on here in Paraguay! (haha) We got caught in a rain storm, and I got a nasty cold...so that´s been fun! But yeah, things are good! Pablo´s good, they´re working through their problems together so that´s good! (haha) Life´s good here in San Lorenzo!

Hermana Austin

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