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Friday, August 28, 2015

SEMANA 31!!!

Hola Todos!  

Wow, this week was absolutely NUTS!!! (haha) We had interviews on Tuesday, a Ward Activity (that no one came to) on Friday, and then Conference Saturday and Sunday... (haha) To put it simply, between all of that, we didn't have a lot of time to work! (haha) BUT it was a good week! Ruth got baptized yesterday, and it was a super stressful good day! (haha) I'm just going to tell you guys what I wrote in my journal last night, 'cause it about sums up my week!

Wow, today was CRAZY!! To start things off, we woke up and had to cook brownies for Ruth's baptism. So, I start making the batter and realize that we don't have ANY eggs! So then, I'm just like, "Crap! What the freak are we gonna do?..."  There were really only 2 options, call the Elders and ask them to make them, or we can eat pororo.  I chose to call the Elders... Let's just say those guys are life savers!!! Elder Fox and Elder Gavidia were more than willing to make the cake! Slight problem was, there stove didn't work, so they had to bring the brownie batter to the church so that we could make it there.

But with that taken care of we left after our studies to look for investigators to take to church. So, we went looking for the Familia Cesped first, and they were home, but the cayway Paraguayos told us they weren't going to come, so we left them to go look for Ruth. So, we find Ruth along with some of her neighbor friends, and they were like "Hey we want to come too!" So, there I find myself walking to church with 5 kids under the age of 13...  Awesome. But hey, one of them named Yessica, who's already been to church a few times was like "Cuando puedo bautizarme?" ("When can i get baptized?") We were like, "This Saturday!" (haha) We have to talk to her mom, but there's a chance we'll be having a baptism this Saturday!  

Anyways, as we were walking to the church, we saw Teofido, Ruth's dad coming home from work. (He works 24hrs on Saturdays) So, we invited him to church and Ruth's baptism. He told us he was going to shower and meet us there at 1:30. We left, praying that he would make it!  

So, we finally get to the church, get the kids settled in, and then went to put the batter from the Elders in the oven. Psych! Hermana Austin and Hermana Bennett can't catch a break today. The oven in our church DOESN'T WORK!! (haha) Luckily there was a little bit of popcorn in the church, so we decided to just go ahead and make that! Poor Ruth, right? Anyways, so we missed the Prophets talk making the stupid pororo, and FINALLY got settled in watching conference. Let's just say kids and Conference don't mix... (haha) I felt like I was at home all over again, trying to get them to stop being noisy so they didn't bug all the members around us. Problem is, these kids aren't my siblings... so I couldn't be very persuasive... (haha) At about 1:45 I look out and see Teofido waiting in the Lobby!!! (hahaha) He came to CHURCH!!! It was great! He was in time to see the end of Uchtdorf's talk and listen to the choir sing! It was AWESOME!!

Bueno, it's a really long journal entry but let's just say Teofido coming to church completely made my day! He was also at Ruth's baptism which was GREAT!! He felt the spirit so strong and afterwards told me that he's going to do everything he can to come every week!  

It was a great week! I love it here, and we're working so hard! Even the days that are crazy are good days! (hahaha) Love you all; thank you for your support and prayers! Have an awesome week!

Hermana Austin

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