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Monday, April 27, 2015

Semana 26!!!

Hola Todos!!!

Wow what a week!!! Soooo, we had a BAPTISM!!! Michael got baptized on Saturday and it was great!!! He´s such a cool kid!! He came to his baptism all by himself and was dressed in a white shirt and slacks! It was so cute! Everything went great, and Hermana Bennett was super excited which was the most important thing for me! The only sad part was his mom didn't come and we could tell he was kinda sad about that, but I know that if he just keeps being a good example for her she'll come around!  It´s sad that he's the one that has to be the example for his own mom! BUT I know she's already seen changes in him and will continue to see them and that's whats most important!

Let's see, we had Intercambios again this week!! This time though, Hermana Cheney went to her area with Hermana Bennett and I stayed here with Hermana Boley! Hermana Boley's awesome. We had a great day! We were in the poor part of our area and all of our plans fell through and I was just like "Bueno let's go visit Michel and her family.." So we pass by and start talking to them and Hermana Boley just wins their confidence instantly! It was really weird we were talking to them all like old friends. We set up a family night for tomorrow and I'm excited to see what happens! Hermana Boley told me we need to win over their confidence first, be their friends, and then she thinks the entire family will reactivate and Michel will get baptized!!

ANYWAYS, (haha) that's what happened this week. Basically, it was a pretty normal week here in the mish! (haha) I'm working hard, and life's good! Hope all is well with you guys! Have an awesome week!!!

Hermana Austin

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