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Monday, April 27, 2015

Semana 25!!!

Hola Todos!

Wow what a crazy week it has been! (haha) First of all, Michael wasn´t able to get baptized this week because we found out he was drinking coffee sometimes in the mornings... WHOOPS... That´s what we get for not teaching him the Palabra de Sabiduria (Word of Wisdom) until last Monday... (haha) But it´s okay cause he stopped, so he´s getting baptized this Saturday si o si! He´s an awesome kid and his mom´s actually listening to us now. I think she´s been seeing the changes in Michael and wants to learn more. Her name's Graciela and we´re hoping to help her come to church this week so she can see Michael get confirmed a member and everything!  

Aside from Michael, we've seen a lot of other people start progressing! The one that really stands out is Karen's mom, Marisa started to really listen to us! She's stopped working on Sundays and told us that she's for sure coming to church this upcoming Sunday, which is AMAZING!!! We actually passed by earlier today to give Karen something for school, and her mom was there with her cousin named Jasmine, and Karen goes, "Do you guys have some time to share with Jasmine today? She wants to listen to the lessons and come to church!" We were just like "claro que si!!!" So we shared with all 3 of them and Jasmine and Marisa both accepted a baptismal date and said that si o si they're coming to church on Sunday!!! MILAGROS!!!  

One thing I've really learned is that the Lord is always preparing people for us to teach. We have no idea who they are but He does and He will help us find them! I honestly have never felt more guided in my entire life than I have on the mission! The Lord has a plan for us every, single, day here and if we pray and REALLY follow the Spirit we will find the people that he's prepared for us!  

We also found this 21 year old woman named Maria and she's amazing! (haha) We contacted her at her grandma's house this last week and she was like "Yeah, you guys can come visit me in my house tomorrow." So we found her house the next day and she lets us in and is like, "I know you guys were sent from God. I need to have more faith and I need help." And we were just in awe! She's from a CRAZY church down here called La Iglesia Familiar de Oracion, or something like that, and I've heard from past companions that people from this church are very closed... We invited her to be baptized anyways and she accepted! (haha) She was like, "So I have to be baptized again then?" And we were like, "Yep." And she was like, "Okay Voy a preparar." It was so cool! She's reading in the Book of Mormon and is progressing a ton!

So yeah that's about all that went on this week! Life's good here in Paraguay! I love and miss you all tons!! Have a great week!

Love, Hermana Austin

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