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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

SEMANA 23!!!

Hola Todos!! 

Wow what an awesome, tiring week! (haha) First of all, for all of you that are wondering, KAREN GOT BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY!!!! POR FIN TUVIMOS UN BAUTISMO EN ITA ENRAMANDA!!!! (FINALLY HAD ONE BAPTISM IN ITA ENRAMANDA!!!) (haha) But really, it has been a LONG six weeks...  It all went well and she brought her mom and grandma to see the baptism! Karen's amazing, we'll just leave it at that. Probably the coolest part about this baptism was being able to watch Hermana McDougal feel the joy that comes from baptisms! She's such an awesome companion, and WOW, she deserved this baptism. She started crying she was so happy. She hasn't had a lot of success in the mission yet and it was amazing to watch her experience a real, solid, convert baptism.

Let's see, OH we had intercambios again this week and guess who came to spend the day in Ita Enramanda with me? HERMANA CHENEY!!! (haha) It was so good to see her! We had the best time and she helped me so much with our area! She's an amazing missionary. I miss her a ton. She also had already done Intercambios with Hermana Hidalgo in Costa Bonita and was happy to tell me that almost all of our Converts are active! She even brought a letter from our convert Elsi and her mom! She told me that everyone in Costa Bonita misses us and that Hermano Flor even invited her to live at their house for a month! (hahaha) She said she actually thought about it for a split second... and I don't blame her I would've too! ANYWAYS, Hermana Cheney's the best, one of my best friends and it was awesome to see her and hear about the familia Flor and everyone else in Costa Bonita.

Things are moving along great here in Ita Enramanda! You all remember that contact I talked about Adrea right? Well she came to church yesterday and has a baptism date for the 28th of February! She's awesome. She works at a grocery store and normally works Sundays but she came to church this week and then we visited her in her house afterwards and she told us that she's going to make plans so that she can come to church every Sunday!!!! MILAGROS!!! (MIRACLES!!!) She's AMAZING! Si o si se va a bautizar... (If or if she is going to get baptized) We are also working with a 15 year old girl named Diana. She's been an investigator forever but we just never could manage to get her to come to church. Hermana Cheney and I passed by the day we did intercambios and shared with her, and she accepted a baptismal date and everything! The next day Hermana McDougal and I visited her with a member Samuel who is a teenager that's like 17 years old and he said he could pass by to pick her up for church Sunday! She came to church and is going to get baptized next saturday, February 21!!  Just has to come to church this week too!!!
One more thing... (haha) remember Karen's mom that we were so worried we weren't gonna be able to get permission from her. She wants to be baptized now!!! (haha) She loved Karen's baptism and told us she wants to be baptized to!! MILAGROS!!! I love the mission we'll just put it at that!  

Life is good! I love it here! One more thing we have Changes again this Wednesday and Hermana McDougal probably is leaving so I'll probs have a new comp next week so that'll be fun! (haha) Life's good! Love and miss you all!

Love, Hermana Austin 

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