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Monday, December 15, 2014

Semana 16!!!

Familia y Amigas,

Wow what a week! (haha) First of all, we had a baptism!!! Woohoo!!! Carolina got baptized this last Saturday! She was so happy, and so excited. Let me tell you though, getting her prepared for her interview with our District Leader was WORK! She can´t read or write and can barely count. (Sad I know.) Also, she speaks a lot more of the Native Language here which is Guarani. It's one of the hardest languages! (haha) She can hardly understand Spanish, and my accent made it really really hard. Let´s just say I was really grateful for Hermana Hidalgo this week! She can speak perfect Spanish, obviously, and also in her last area almost all of the people only spoke Guarani, so she knew how to teach REALLY SIMPLE so that Carolina could understand. Anyways, we had to have a lot of patience. (haha) We probably explained the definition of a prophet 50 times! BUT, everything went perfect for her interview, so its todo TRANQUILO!!! The real miracle happened yesterday. I told all of you that Carolina was looking for work, right? Last night we passed by their house to say hello, and she was leaving for WORK! She had found a job, and works every day but Sunday! It's such a blessing for her, and she was so happy! It's really cool, because before, she didn´t have time to take the lessons from us, she lost her job, and we got to teach her all of the lessons, and then RIGHT after her Baptism she found a job again. Can you see the Lord´s hand in that? (haha) It's literally amazing how Heavenly Father works.

We also are going to have a baptism this week, Sí o Sí! Luis drank again last Monday night, but he's been sober since! We called him this Saturday to see how he was doing (because Saturdays are his hard days) and he told us "No Hermanas I'm only drinking soda!" Never been so happy! He's changed so much, and I am so excited for him! He's progressing a lot, and I can feel that this Saturday's the day!  

We also saw another miracle this week!! Last Saturday we had a contact in the streets that was just your normal contact. She was really nice and everything, but it wasn't anything special. Anyways, we made an appointment for last Tuesday and told her we would pass by. Tuesday rolled around and we had this appointment in the afternoon after the Siesta (which is like the busiest time of day), and we couldn't really decide if we should visit this contact Aurelia or another investigator. We decided on Aurelia and WOW!!! She has all three of her church attendances, is a friend of one of the sisters in the ward, and wants to get baptized!!! (haha) GOLDEN INVESTIGATOR!!! She's awesome! She doesn't have any problems or doubts and is going to get baptized next Saturday!  

Anyways that's about it! It's been a great week! I really do love being a missionary! Hope all is well with all of you, love and miss you all! Have an awesome week!!

Hermana Amby Austin

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