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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Semana 15!!!

Familia y Amigas,

Wow, this week was insane! One thing that has really been weird these last few weeks is the weather! I have never been so HOT in my entire life! (haha) It's weird 'cause it's December and should be cold right? (haha) NOPE! We bake in the hot sun every day... It's great and its SO worth it! I love teaching the people, even if it's in thousand degree weather!

First of all, we're going to have a BAPTISM this week!!!! Luis stopped drinking and came to church on Sunday! He really started to progress a lot this past week, and on Saturday he said his first prayer! That's one thing that I absolutely love about the mission, when investigators say their first prayer. It's always super simple and sincere and you can really tell that they feel the Spirit. It's ALWAYS without fail a neat experience. Luis is awesome though. He works a lot so we always teach him at night, and the other night he called us at like 7 and was like "Hey I'm home. You guys can come teach me whenever you want!" (haha) We were so excited because he's never done that before, and it means he's finally started to show real interest! His family's super excited too! We were walking to church yesterday and Paula, the oldest daughter turned to me and said "Almost all of our family is going to church today. We are only missing Juan."  Never been so happy walking with them to church! It's such a rewarding feeling to help people like the Flor family find the gospel and change their lives!  

We also have been working with the cousin Carolina more, and we've really figured out that she has a hard life... She is taking care of her 80 something year old grandma and her 3 brothers who are drug addicts. She's 16 years old by the way. She pays all of the bills and recently lost her job. She's awesome and was the first person Hermana Cheney and Hermana Coles talked to when they found the Flor Family. She's started to show a lot more interest and we're just really trying to help her and support her more. She has all three of her church attendances, so she could really get baptized this Saturday if it's the will of Heavenly Father! She's awesome though! Such a strong person. Pray for her 'cause she needs all of the help she can get!

OH!! One more thing! You all need to go watch the video "He is the Gift" on christmas.mormon.org!! It's a video that ALL of the missionaries are using across the world to teach! It's awesome! It really helps us to remember the true meaning of Christmas! (haha) We have found so many new people because of the video!
Anyways, that's about it! (haha) Life's good here in Paraguay as usual! (haha) Hope you all have an awesome week!  

Love, Hermana Amby Austin


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