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Monday, September 22, 2014

Semana 3!!! (Week 3 in Paraguay!!!)

Famillia Y Amigas,

Wow, this week was crazy! The thing that we learned most this week was that the Spirit literally guides you to the people that need the gospel! Its literally amazing! This week, Hermana Cheney was going through our area book and found a few registros (papers of old investigators, mas o menos) of people who were meeting with the elders before we got sent to this area. We decided to look for a few of them. One thing you have to know about Paraguay, is the streets are a mess. It's nearly impossible to find people because they don't know their address! It's loco... We have a hard time finding the houses of some of our investigators sometimes! Anyways, the first person we set out to find is an older lady named Mirina. On the registro it says she knew a family in our ward. We talked to them and they helped us find her! We had an awesome lesson with her, and she CAME TO CHURCH yesterday! Probably the coolest thing ever. It was literally a miracle that we found her.  

The other people we found are brothers named Matias and Isaias. They live in the boonies! There is literally no way we could have found them without the Spirit. We had a member with us who was showing us where another inactive family lives, and Hermana Cheney just happened to ask them about these brothers, and they knew them! These two brothers are awesome! They're 13 and 11 and Matias, the older one, came to church this week, and has already come two other times. So that means he can get baptized this Saturday! We are going to put him with a fecha tomorrow, and hopefully, get him baptized this Saturday! These kids are literally amazing! It's a miracle that we found them! I learned this week that when we rely on the spirit and do what were supposed to be doing, miracles happen! (1 Nephi 4:6&7)

Also, one more thing, I was gonna update you on the famillia Flor!  They are awesome!  I don't know if I told you all this or not, but we are planning a WEDDING!!! (haha) Talk about crazy. Two nineteen year old girls planning a wedding... (haha) I had no idea I'd be doing stuff like this on my mish. The only problem we have with them is Brother Flor has a pretty bad problem with the Word of Wisdom. He has changed a lot even since I first got here, but is having a hard time dropping his drinking habit. We´ve been praying for him a lot these last few days. I believe that they'll all get baptized soon though, we just have to help him and be a little more patient... (haha) which is hard as a missionary.  

Anyways that's about it! Oh, just wanted to tell Chris and Whitnee congrats! I'm so happy for you guys! And Jimmy and Ty too! Id love to see a picture of little John!  I love you all have a great week!  

Hermana Austin

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