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Monday, September 8, 2014

Semana Dos (Week Two in Paraguay!)

Famillia Y Amigos,

This week was so great! First of all the famillia Flor that I told you about is progressing so much! The parents want to be baptized! Ahh, they are so awesome, and the dad is great. On Sunday we had a really hard long morning because we always have to pick up all of our converts and walk with them to church! We ARE ALWAYS LATE to church on Sunday, but we always have investigators there. Anyways, we went to pick up two of our investigators. One was asleep and one didn't want to come, so we were in pretty low spirits, BUT the familia Flor was our last stop, and as we rounded the corner to turn to their house, almost the entire family was walking toward us, 7 of their kids and the parents in all. I have never been so happy to see anything in my life! Haha, we probably walked 2 miles that morning, and it was all worth it to see them on their way to church.

I'm not gonna lie, the Spanish is hard.  I'm very blessed because I can always understand my companion, and I can kind of talk in this broken Spanish. But I can't always understand the older people that talk really fast. It's okay though most of the time, but on Friday we were at a members house and she just opened up to Hna Cheney about a really hard experience they have in their lives. They were talking for probably twenty minutes and I couldnt understand hardly any of it. I was getting super frustrated with myself because I wanted to know what was going on! Then a miracle happened...  Just Give Me A Reason by Pink came on.  Hearing the song in English and thinking about St George with the team was all that I needed in that moment. I truly believe it was for me, and I'm so grateful. Haha, it's the little things that count in the mission!

HAHA, one more funny thing...It rained on Saturday! Haha, buckets. The funnest experience of my life to hike all over our area in the mud and the rain...and that's not even the best part. We were on our way to see an investigator and Hna Cheney decided we should try to find a faster way to his house...Mind you, it's POURING OUTSIDE!  Haha so we try to go a different way and we were lost for 30 minutes! We did see some giant toads and I chased them around for a second...haha it was great!

Also good news!  Hna Lurdes isn't having twins! She's the one who left her husband to be baptized. She has a set of twins already, and two other kids. Shes only having one baby. What a blessing! 

Anyways that's what's going on here!  I love you all, have an awesome week.  I love getting your Emails and I read them all!  

Love, Amby

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