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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Week 5

Familia y Amigas,
To be honest, this week has pretty much been just a normal week at the CCM.  They changed our prosyliting area Saturday.  We didnt really have a big spiritual lesson like the last two but it was good!  This area had a lot more kids!  We did meet this one little girl that was so cute she reminded me of Lillie!  It's so fun to talk to the little kids.  She told us her favorite disney princess was Sophia the 1st and her favorite movie was the Mickey Mouse 3 Musketeers movie.  I told her I had a sister close to her age, and she was way interested in Lillie!  She was so cute. 
I also feel like my Spanish is slowly getting better!  I can understand nearly everything that's said to me now! its speaking with the right grammar that's hard!  It's alright though.  I'm working hard and Heavenly Father makes up the rest!  People can usually understand me!
I have a funny story today!  First of all, the elders in our district are great!  One of them has one of those super, old super loud alarm clocks, and they've been taking turns setting it to wake each other up at different times in the night. Elders Hartvigsen and Bentley made it clear that if the clock went off in their room there would be consequences!  Ignoring their warning, one elder hid SIX alarms in their room with the annoying one last.  The Elders slept through a few alarms but woke up twice before the annoying one went off.  When they finally found it, at 3 or 4 in the morning, they looked at each other, looked at the window, Elder Bentley opened the window and Elder Hartvigsen threw it right out of their second story window, and went right back to bed!  Probably the funniest thing ever!  Poor Elder Wilson doesn't have an alarm clock now, but hey, he got a natural consequence!
We also have had new American sisters that I dont think I've talked about yet! They're great!  Their names are Hermanas Bohemer and Farish!  Hermana Farish plays the piano and stuff, shes really nice but we dont have a ton in common, Hermana Bohemer on the other hand actually plays BASKETBALL!!!!!!  She's pretty good and we play during physical activity sometimes. It's awesome to be able to play, but I miss the team!  We also play tons of soccer!  It's fun too, because the court is so small its like playing indoors!  I FINALLY scored a goal yesterday!!!!!  I'm actually getting pretty good! 
Well that's pretty much all I have this week!  This is the last CCM EMAIL!!!!!  I leave for ParaguayTuesday morning!!!!!!  Can't even tell you how excited I am! 
Love, Hermana Austin

Here are some more pictures!  This is the last group of Latinas and the other American sisters!  Hermana Ruiz is the one Latina I'm with in that picture. She's amazing!  We got pretty close so fast!  We actually exchanged jewelry when she left. I have a Argentina bracelet she had, and she has a pair of my earings!  She's amazing and I miss her!!!

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