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Thursday, November 19, 2015

SEMANA 63!!!

President Henry B. Eyring | 84 inspiring quotes from October 2015 LDS general conference | Deseret News:

Hola Todos!!!

Wow this week was CRAZY!!! (haha) It´s so HOT! But luckily today we´re getting a little rain so it´s cooling off! So first of all, last week we had a Zone Conference! And guess who I got to see? Hermana Ball! (haha) She was there with all of the other Hermanas we worked with together! It was so great to see them all! She also got the chance to tell me about San Lorenzo and everything that´s happening there! I don´t know if you all remember the Flia Cáceres? I talked about them a little a few months back. They were a reference from a member. Anyways, their oldest daughter, Ivanna, was the one who was kinda interested so we had been working with her. Problem was, she didn't have hardly any time to share with us, I think we shared with her twice and then gave up 'cause she didn't want to make time to meet with us. ANYWAYS, Hermana Ball was telling me that Ivanna showed up at church ALONE a few weeks ago!!! CRAZY right? She said she had read 2 Nephi 31 and knows she needs to get baptized!! Hermana Ball said Ivanna's progressing and preparing for her baptism! What a MIRACLE!! I was so happy I almost cried. After all that Hermana Ball and I went through looking and looking and looking for the chosen ones, they´re gonna have another baptism there!  

She also updated me on Pablo and Wanilda and said they´re doing alright! They´re fighting every day to be strong... They sent me a letter and I loved it! I miss them so so much! They´re like my parents in Paraguay.

Also, I have a cool little story this week! So, one thing about the Campo is that it´s almost impossible to find people. We have a list of less actives we don´t know, and there are SO MANY! For their address it just says, Mbocayaty...  Which is basically like saying, Springville, or Mapleton! BAH! It´s ridiculous! So we were planning for the next day, Friday, and I was getting so frustrated. I knew we needed to find these people, but we didn't know how! I got so frustrated. I told Hermana Guardado, let´s plan in the morning, I can´t focus... Later that night, I was praying and telling God that I knew he wanted us to find these people, but I just didn't know how to do it. I was asking for help, then all of a sudden, I had the thought, almost a voice say, ¨I know where these people live. I´ll help you find them. Write their names in your planner tomorrow at the hour you´ll be looking, and be praying for my help and I´ll help you. Have faith, put your trust in me, and I´ll guide you to them.¨ Crazy right? The next day we did just that, put their names in our planner and left for the neighborhood where they lived... We had until 6:00 to find them and started knocking doors at 1:00 in the afternoon.  We were asking anyone and everyone if they knew these people. At 5:00, we hadn't found any of the three families we were looking for. It was hot, so we went and asked a less active member for some water. As we were talking to her, she mentioned one of the families we were looking for! Turns out she knew all the people on our list and showed us their houses right then! It was such a miracle! (haha) We worked so hard all day and in the end the Lord pulled through! He always pulls through!  

It was a good week! Cesar keeps on progressing! He´s for sure set to get baptized the 28th of November, if all goes well! He´s such a great guy! Thank you all for your prayers! I love you have a great week!

Hermana Austin

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