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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Week 7!!! (Week 7 in Paraguay!!!)

Familia Y Amigas,

So this week was awesome! Hermano  y Hermana Flor were baptized on Saturday!!!!! It was probably the coolest thing ever! This family is literally amazing. Hermano Flor is one of the strongest people I know. He literally turned his life around. He takes this backpack to work every day, and before we started talking to him it was full of beer, and now he takes his Book of Mormon, True to the Faith, and the pamphlets we've been giving him. They pray together as a family, and when we stopped by their house after church today, they were reading the Book of Mormon together! It's amazing, the changes we've seen, and we are so blessed. Hermana Cheney was reading in Alma 26 the other day, and it is literally talking about our lives right now! We are having a lot of success in this area, and it's not because we're doing anything special, it's because we are relying on the Lord a lot, and PRAYING A LOT!!!! I can tell you all right now that the power of prayer is REAL! Heavenly Father wants to help all of you, and all you have to do is get on your knees and ask for it!  

Anyways, back on the Familia Flor. Now that the parents are baptized, we are working a lot with the older sons. I dunno if I've mentioned this or not, but they have 9 kids! and 5 of them have been baptized. They just have three older boys that haven't. Their names are Ruben, Juan, y Luis. The problem we're having with them is they don't exactly want us to teach them, because were American Sisters I think! (haha) But they all come to church and are reading and praying with their fam... anyways we are working on it, and I really think we can finish with this family before our next changes! The cool thing is, if we baptize the older boys, I CAN GO TO THE TEMPLE WITH THEM ALL IN A YEAR TO SEE THEM GET SEALED!!!!! Anyways I just love missionary work! (haha) It's the greatest thing ever....

Also, Hermana Cheney's birthday was on Saturday too! What could be better than a marriage and baptism for your birthday, right? I actually organized some cool things for her, too. The other sisters in our district wanted to help, so I gave them the spare keys to our apartment, and they heart attacked Hermana Cheney while we were getting ready for our baptism! (haha) It was so cool. There's this AWESOME ice cream place close to our house, and they surprised us with ICE CREAM!!! They left the spoons on the table, and then I opened the freezer to find ICE CREAM!!! I FREAKED out...jumping up and down, nearly crying of joy, and it wasn't even my birthday... (haha) It's always a good day in the mish when you can eat ice cream... I also cooked breakfast, and we had a party for lunch at a members house. It was awesome! I planned it all without Hermana Cheney knowing anything! And let me tell you, that's a feat in the mission when you're with someone for 24 hrs a day!

Anyways that's about it... This week was awesome! Thank you all for the support and letters! I love hearing from all of you! Have an awesome week!

Hermana Amby Austin

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