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Monday, September 29, 2014

Semana 5!!! (Week 5 in Paraguay!!!)

Familia y Amigas,

This week was a good week! We are still working with Brother and Sister Flor, and I'm not exactly sure what happened, but all of a sudden my Spanish has really taken off, and I started to really understand the people, and I can communicate what I'm trying to say...kind of! (haha) It's such a cool experience to learn a language because you literally have to rely on the Lord and the gift of tongues. It's been super humbling for me.  

Anyways, we worked a lot with the Flor family this week, and we're really trying everything we can to get the dad to stop drinking. He really wants to, but he's just got an addiction. It's been really sad. We decided to teach them a few lessons on the Atonement and teach him that he can use the Atonement to help him with this.  The lesson was super spiritual. We read in the Book of Mormon about Alma the Younger and how he had to change his life. We told him that no matter what we do in this life we CAN change! All we have to do is use the Atonement. He told us that he's trying. And he is, he talked to his boss to get work off on Sundays, he and his wife are praying together,and he's gone from drinking 25 cans of beer every Saturday to only drinking 3. It's amazing how much he's changed already, but he needs all the help he can get! Pray for him please!  

I also really started to make friends with the kids in that family. Paula is their oldest daughter, and she and I have become really good friends over this past week! (haha) She wants to learn English, so I made her a vocabulary sheet to practice with! She's the best! Also, there's one younger sister named Pamela. She's awesome too. She is 11, I think. (haha) The other night we were walking them to mutual, and before I knew it, Pamela had my backpack and was saying "Soy misionera, Soy misionera" She then told us she wants to be a missionary when she grows up! Kind of a cool experience for me, made me realize how much these kids look up to me. I realized how big of an example I am to the kids here, and the people we teach. Also, a side note, one of the older brothers is probably gonna get baptized this week! He's awesome! He's 16 years old, I think. Anyways, I LOVE THE FLOR FAMILY!!!!  Hermana Cheney and I were talking, and we truly believe we were sent to this area to help this family. They're amazing, pretty much my family here in Paraguay, AND cool side note, when the parents get baptized I can GO TO THE TEMPLE WITH THEM IN 1 year! Literally so excited.

We also have another baptism this Saturday, his name's Gustavo. He's the nephew of one of the members here. He's like the golden investigatior everyone dreams of! He's so cool, he's like 24 years old or something.  

That's pretty much it for this week...I'm sooo excited for General Conference this weekend, and Hna Cheney thinks we'll get to watch it in English!  I'm not gonna get my hopes up...(haha) but either way it will be awesome! 

Love you all have a good week! 

Love, Hna Austin

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